The misadventures of ST, ang intrimitidang starlet sa bangko.

She is a banker by day.
She is a branch starlet (the lead star is the manager).
She is Super Taray!

Who is ST? We don’t know.
But now, this episode will make her a Super Twinkling star!

ST is a starlet in the bank situated along the busy main highway and the perimeter fence of this posh village on the northern part of the city. It’s a huge bank (in the top 3) and this branch is just one of the hundreds scattered across the Philippine islands. I once had an issue with the tellers of this bank (different branch), but this incident trumps that of mine.

Bank procedures seem to have leveled up with their security measures, unless ST came up with her very own handbook.
What the "Bank Procedure" required Intrimitidang ST to ask the bank's client

The story is CE (check "encasher") came in to cash in a check and teller asked him to go to ST for approval. So he did. Bank procedure required ST to call Check Issuer (CI) and CI's Manila branch for verification. So she did. CI and Manila branch bank manager confirmed and gave ST the go signal. CE’s check was cashed in. End of story. NOT!

Apparently, ST has her very own bank procedure. ST wanted to know from CE what the money was for. “Saan ba gagamitin ang pera na ito?” CE replied for payroll (makes me wonder why he even answered!). ST was doubtful.

And again, “Para sa payroll ba talaga ang perang ito?” Ruder now and still suspicious of CE even after confirmation from CI.

CI found out about this when CE came back from the bank.

CI called ST. 

CI: This is Mr. CI. What is your last name ST?

ST gave it.

CI: Tell me ST, since when did it become the bank’s business to know what the money I cashed in is for? When did it become YOUR business to know where I am going to use MY money?

ST must have replied something about “following bank procedure.”

(I LOVE THIS NEW BANK PROCEDURE!!!!!! from The Royal Bitch.)

CI: Procedure? Kelan pa naging procedure ng bangko to know where money withdrawn  is going be used? ……….Masyado kang intrimitida!...... You DO NOT NEED TO KNOW what my money is for. I will write to Ms. TLO (Top Level Official in Manila Head Office) and tell him about you and your procedure. You are going to hear from him.

End of conversation.

Dear ST,

Here is what the money is for….to pay for forty thousand lemons to be hurled at you, you alone and your bank’s procedure.

With love from The Royal Bitch

P.S. And by the way ST, does your bank need to know the color of the underwear you’re wearing to work each day you clock in? I’m just wondering…..It might be bank procedure.