Art Watch: Caroline 'Bing' Galang Taojo's "Essence Of Being" at Tagum Historical & Cultural Office

The artist by her 48' x 96' Floral Twilight 1 obra

At the art gallery of the Tagum Historical & Cultural Center, Caroline 'Bing' Taojo's Essence Of Being. Exhibit runs until April 12, 2023.

"The artist invites you to glorify and bask in the beauty of flowers past their full bloom, past their vibrant hues, when colors fade to shades of pastels, and on to tones of amber and grey, colors that are just as fascinating.

Artist Caroline likens the phases of the flower’s time to our own being, both poetic in its brevity and fragility. The sprouting of a bud to birth elicits excitement, the full bloom to the prime of life worth the celebration, and the wilting stage to our maturity when we gain wisdom that can be imparted.

Shouldn’t the closing be honored? It’s after the blooms that fruits are born. It’s at the wilting when new seeds come about. Seeds will bring forth new blooms, which promise new life. Such is the essence of existence."

Opening the exhibit. Tess Halili, Alma Uy, the artist, Joji Ilagan Bian & Mary Anne Guino-o

Caroline ‘Bing’ Galang Taojo (b. 1963) is a Filipino contemporary artist hailing from Tagum City, Davao del Norte. She discovered her passion for painting in the 1980s. Sans formal training, she honed her craft through mentors in workshops. With constant experimentation and immersion in all forms of art expressions, she found Abstract Impressionism, the genre that appealed most to her.

Dream come true- a major exhibit at 60

Celebrating her 60th year, she embarks on her first major show, Essence of Being. In this exhibition, her fascination for the muted tones of the color wheel greatly influenced her pieces. She uses this color palette to bring a new dimension to flowers, allowing her a dialogue with nostalgia.

Who came on opening day.

Tagum Mayor Rey Uy, Alma Uy, the artist, Butchoy Taojo

The artist with her family.

The Galang siblings

The artist with her mentors. Artists Ega Carreon, Mary anne Gino-o & Victor Dumaguing

The Pang family

The artist with Joji Ilagan Bian & Lilian Robillo

Monica Ugarte & Chari Gavino

Mike Dakudao & Mary Anne Guino-o

Apple Quiñones, Joel Rodriguez, Hero Fernandez & Jp Punsalan

The artist with her best friends

Art of Journaling artist Tess Halili with family

Micmic Escandor, Mrs. Galang & Arnie Te