March Musings

On a rare visit to the beachfront, I am blessed with this sight.

Like a newspaper, this is how March is manifesting itself - quite eventfully. So much has happened, so much is happening, good news, not so good, and it's only mid-month, not to mention that it's only the first quarter of the year. The stories that have transpired could rival the Sunday edition of any broadsheet in content. What's going to happen next will have to fill a few more pages as supplements. I pray that the scale will favor the good side. Think positive. While some did end up in print, some that didn't might have as catchy titles worth the read.

Two good friends coming home for a visit was great news. Both are greased on the elbows in Uncle Sam's land for years, one to be reunited with her family after seven years and the other with work-home daily routine is truly homesick. Seeing these families together may just be good materials for Maalala Mo Kaya or even the big screen. Torrential tears will be shed.

Another tear-jerker. If there is a story of triumph worth telling, this little girl's bout with cancer is one. Two years after, this month was her last rendezvous with chemotherapy. At her age, it is unbelievable how she managed to stay bright and positive through this adversity.  Lots of love from people who matter is the sure cure-all.

And then the bad news came. Last year, the number of HIV+/Aids cases in Davao City ranked the city #2 in the country and today the number has increased. The alarm is sounding and I hope everyone gets to hear it. The man living with HIV who bravely came out to us related his story. I got to shake his hands and asked what was harder to take- knowing he contracted the disease or the reaction of others who find out. Both, he replied. Knowledge is the key; it can arm you from potential harm and give you the gift of compassion for those who have acquired the virus.

Jumping on the chance to be in Boracay again got me excited. It was a business cum pleasure visit, the excuse I always come up with. But prior to leaving, a friend rang me seeking financial help with the business not doing good, an important computer application crashed giving me sleepless nights, and worst, a tsunami hit Japan after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake with threats of the tidal wave reaching us. Who was overly paranoid was recognized.

Catastrophe in Japan. Eathquake, tsunami & nuclear plant leaking
Worthy of praise. Japanese discpiline amidst major crisis

A friend never leaving another in unfortunate time
In the island, the rain kept me indoors for three days that was spent with futile attempts to save the lost application. But I was able to bond with the island girls sharing our thoughts on how amazing the Japanese are in their catastrophic days. They have shown the world what is discipline and compassion. Even their dogs are showing it.
Miracales can happen.
4-month baby girl rescued
from tsunami debris

Japan is showered with love from all over. Nations with their citizens by the zone are being evacuated. It's Libya all over again for us. I hear the Pinoys ranting at the government to be rescued from the place they so freely chose to work in. It's as if P'noy and the Pinoys are sitting idly. Though efforts are exhausted, it's still being unfairly compared to the might of the US. First World versus Third World. Wisen up please.

Speedy & nice but a riskier ride
The sea air helped me to relax and reconnect with nature. I needed the energy to bear the news that a couple I know is ready to part ways to find themselves and a husband met a tragic demise leaving a wife and two kids. I can't even be with them in their trying times. These are the people who were and will be present when I am grief-stricken.

Then when the nuclear plant leak was confirmed, the radiation text alert followed. Everyone has to stay indoors for 24 hours and rub our thyroid area with Betadyne, ETA of the radiation 4 p.m. Wow. My thoughts on this will remain unprinted; it's will be edited for sure.

So I finally got to see the shore while in yoga class. The rain hasn't totally left the island yet.

Good vibes. True Yoga in the island

No coincidence. The best thing about taking a stroll on the promenade is you get to see the people who matter when you least expect it. Getting to your appointed destination, no matter how late you are, seem to be worth the consequence waiting. In this case, I had to eat my gelato alone; the group is done with theirs.

Just like old times. Island buddies on a late night out

We seem to expect the best from world-class establishments. Doing business with one is great but it is funny how you are met with prejudice by the security guards when they find out that you are supplier and not a guest who deserves their preferential treatment. It doesn't end there. The absence of efficiency and communication between their departments will affect the outsider more than them. Explaining again and again, from one person to another can be irritating when all the information is within their company already. Ugh. You just have to thank your friend inside who made it way, way easier for you to get what you need.

For the love of Japan.
New Jap Resto in Boracay
 is a must try.

Day 7 in the island. I still haven't taken my saltwater dip and the rain is still playing come and go. Maybe, this trip is not intended for that. Just the thought of having been able to see a couple new places, bonded with friends and finally settling the overdue business dealings is making up for the absence of the ideal Boracay visit.

Two-thirds of the month has passed and the issues are still pouring in. I am home bound in a few days and I am looking to end this month, this newspaper issue, filled with positive vibes and good news. The two friends coming home will be the onset to that intention.

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 20, 2011.