Happy Easter & Summer Treats!

LOOK what the Easter Bunny brought in, or the Croc, for that matter.

Not the Easter eggs but these goodies will surely make you feel good and most importantly, feel loved. Quite an unconventional treat for Easter but it's the perfect summer treat, and these luscious pieces do look good enough to eat.

Eye candies, they are. Do you still recall how it feels to have that bite of your favorite chocolate and bonbon? The sugar rush! Slipping on this treat, you'll get that same feeling. Heaven!

You must have a pair of these jelly slip-ons, jelly in color and jelly in softness. Be like Oprah and do your own take of her "my favorite things" and include this one. You don't have to spread the love ala Oprah, simply sharing the discovery will do.

It's the Crocs Carlie. Yes, they are for women and girls, and no, I do not own a pair nor wear it and I admit that I am envious of them. They should make these for men as well.

Crocs Carlie reminded of those fabulous, stylish and candy colored slip-ons back in the seventies, the Crayons and the Jelly Beans. That was exactly what they were like, crayons, shoes that came in colors that can match the shades of the coloring sticks and the Jelly Bean sandals were like, ummm, jelly beans! These were so fashionable back then, the IT shoes, and quite costly. I never got the chance to own a pair. Boo-hoo.

Is this the second coming? If it is, then I won't be able to get the chance to own a pair for obvious reasons. The colors Crocs Carlie have now are more updated, the hues are not glossy but on the powdery shade. What's more exciting is the Carlie Flat slip-ons are as cute as they are comfortable. This fun little slip on will make your look stylish and your feet happy! It's a win-win situation.

Yes, if you must know, Crocs is synonymous to comfort, the Crocs fans need not reminded of this. The new Carlie collection comes with a fully molded croslite material sole, the supportive transparent TPU upper material will take you to the next level of color and style, the footbed features croslite material circulation nubs that offer that massage-like feel and the outsole is in the same trademark non-marking material, plus, the ventilation ports on the medial side provide "breathability".

As much as you love these candy-colored shoes, they will love you back, starting with your feet. The Carlies are so soft, so comfortable and the ideal footwear this scorching season. From the beach to the mall, the colors will match your uber chic summer look. Go grab a pair.

Published in Sun Star Davao Weekend April 24, 2011