Their moms were princesses, too.

It’s every girl’s dream- to be a princess. They don’t have to marry into royalty (Kate M. is one of the lucky ones) to be one because they already are princesses in their mother’s eyes.

Just like tiaras and crowns, the love, care and adoration fit for a young royalty are passed on to the girls born in the family. The queen mother, so does the rest of the family, only want the best for her bundle of joy.

And all girls do grow up playing a princess role or two. They look up to their heroines choosing from the initial ensemble of popular blue bloods that was introduced to us way back then- Snow White, Cinderella and saved-by-a-royal-kiss Aurora, to the new era’s latest additions of royal debutants- fish-tailed Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, long-haired Rapunzel and frog-kissing Tiana, and emulate their characters. As the realm of animation breed more strong-willed daughters of monarchy with timeless beauties and eternal charm, the new and coming real world “princesses” will get to select who they want to be from a long line of tiara-wearing lasses in the celluloid world.

Generations of girls were princesses until they become mothers and the queens of their household, and eventually bear princesses of their own. Thus, the legacy of the fair ladies lives on….forevermore.

For these misses, it is no different. Munchin was Cinderalla in her time and saw the next generation of princesses in Marris and Micah who were Aurora and Jasmin. Today, the apples of everyone’s eyes, Sophie, 4, and Mischka, 3, are the new line of princesses in the clan and singing their theme songs in their castle.

Printed in Sun Star Davao Weekend May 8, 2011.
Photo credit: Niko Villegas of Edge of Light for Nikon.

Which princess are you?

Sophie: I am Rapunzel.
Mischka: Me, Ariel.

Why do you like to be Rapunzel and Ariel?

Sophie: Because I like her long hair.
Mischka: Because she lives in the water.

Do you watch Rapunzel and Little Mermaid all the time? What is you favorite part in the movie?

Sophie & Mischka: Yes!
Sophie: When Rapunzel hit Eugene (Flynn Rider) with frying pan and he got dizzy.
Mischka: Ariel in her secret room in the water with plenty treasures and brushing her hair with the fork.

What do they like to do all the time?

Sophie & Mischka: Play!
Munchin: ….. and fight.
(Didn’t we all go through that and know it too well?)

Does Rapunzel and Ariel play together all the time?

Sophie & Mischka: Yes, we like to always play with our toys.

What is the princesses favorite game?

Sophie & Mischka: Tea party! (So English!)

And where does Rapunzel and Ariel love to go?

Sophie: Toys ‘R’ Us!
Mischka: Toy Kingdom!
Munchin: …. And love to say  “buy me this” and “buy me that!”
(Like the old saying goes, “It’s the grandparents’ role to spoil their grandchildren.”)

What is the favorite dress Rapunzel and Ariel love to wear?

Sophie: I like the purple princess dress because it's pretty.
Mischka: Ariel cannot wear her princess dress because she wears her tail so she can swim underwater.

And what is the favorite color of Rapunzel and Ariel?

Sophie: I like pink.
Mischka: Me, I like purple.

Just like your Crocs shoes! Do you like wearing them all the time?

Sophie: I like because it is soft and I like the color.
Mischka: Yes, because I want to wear it to pasyal.

Does Rapunzel and Ariel have a favorite Prince Charming to play with?

Sophie: Nono, my classmate in school, because Flynn Rider is a boy.
Mischka: (Turns to her mommy) “You like I go the States? You like I will marry Sevi?”