From loom to the living room

T'nalak Home.
Davao's first concept store of its kind, boasts of its world-class handmade Filipino products.

THE T’boli tribe’s tinalak cloth has gone a long, long way- from the traditional exchange of nuptial gifts and blanketing the newborn to decorating homes. From Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, the intricate hand-woven cloth made of abaca fibers has gone global.

Indeed it has. These fabrics were utilized and transformed into eye-catching home furniture and accents- table runners, throw pillows, vase covers, footstools, wall coverings and so much more.

These beautifully crafted decors caught the attention of the buyers and since then, it is one of the sought after products of the international market.

It used to be that the TADECO Livelihood tinalak products are only shown to the international market via F.A.M.E. in Manila and other shows abroad. But we all now get the chance to see and own these wonderful products that we all know as “proudly made in Davao”.

Initially, there was the weaving center at the Pearl Farm Marina that served as a showcase of tinalak weaving and the endless possibility of products the material can transform into. Today, the world-class tinalak-based products have found a new home- T’nalak Home, at the newly opened Abreeza Mall. This is the very first concept store of TADECO Livelihood.

T’nalak Home displays the products that made the tinalak fiber a global wonder. These plus the other beautiful works of Movement 8 designers Maricris Brias, Nilo Naval and Tess Pasola.

This shop is in my list of favorite mall destination. I assure you, you will be in awe of the Filipino artistry and talent and I won’t be surprised if you get to take home an item or two. I know I always do when I drop by.

Published in SunStar Davao Weekend on June 26, 2011.

Coral. Fruit bowl made of natural colored tinalak with coco beads.

Throw pillows in Coral design.

Hive. Hanging lamps mimicking beehives.

Bark & Rose Collection. Throw pillows, vase covers, table runner & footstools.

Heaven. Mother of pearl beading on tinalak throw pillow.
Below: Detail of Heaven.

A shell collection that can light up your home. L-R: The WAVE in oyster shells, LOLASANA in mussel shells & CHAKRA in mother of pearl & mini seashells