Bitch Tales: My script, your title.

Bitch Tales. Relating experiences. Sharing stories. Awarding apples. Hurling lemons.


Characters:   Manileño

Scene: Restaurant.
           Sharing a table over a hosted fancy dinner.

Probisyano: Hello. I'm Probinsyano. 
Manileño:    Hi, I'm Manileño.

Pleasantries. Chitchat. This topic, that topic. Then blog topic.

Manileño:    So you follow Chuvaness as well.
Probisyano: Yes, I do.
Manileño:    I know her. 
Probisyano: That's nice. 

Munch this, munch that. 
Personality walks by.

Probisyano: Oh, there's Personality. I'm his fan.
Manileño:    He's been here days ago. Is the wife with him?
Probisyano: Isn't she the svelte-in-black girl on the other seat?
Manileño:    No, I don't think so. I've met the wife. I know her. She's "wow"!
Probisyano: Really? I'm sure she's much of a character like her husband.

Probinsyano sees a friend who's chummy with personality.

Probisyano:  Hey Friend, has Personality left?
Friend:         No, he just stepped out for a smoke. Come, let me introduce you to him.

Probinsyano is introduced to Personality.

Probisyano: Hello Personality, I'm a big fan of yours. Can I have a photo with you? 
Personality: Sure! 

Friend is kind enough to take several shots.

Personality: I'd like you to meet my wife.

Wife extends her hand, smiles, says hello, and Probinsyano shakes her hand.

It's svelte-in-black girl.

Grinning, Probinsyano opts not to return to the dinner table. 


Give a good title for this.

Dear Manileño,  I'd be more impressed if you suck one lemon for every person you pretend you know.