Change only in the morning please

Café Marco sports new look after 10 years++ &  Transformers 3 heroine shows that the world is saved best in heels.

CHANGE is inevitable - except from a vending machine.

Not anymore. With the new machines, Gallagher's quote can't hold water. But let me coin a new one.

Change is inevitable - except from a bus.

Not the Pinoy buses though, but the ones run by their government abroad. If you don't have the bus pass, you better have the exact fare to drop on the bus driver's coin slot. No change if you drop more.

Loose change aren't necessary to run the wheels of change, time does it for free. It's the world of commerce that put a price to the changes that we, the consumers, are made to believe we need. And, if there are changes, we do want to see that flashing mark of assurance - New!, Improved!, No MSG!, Now with crystal whiteners!, or whatever it may be, we just want these "new" and "improved" version to be better. I think this is what man's existence is all about - to aim for something greater than great and leave a mark in history, if not on the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest longganisa or biggest shoe ever made. An unquenchable thirst, we forever yearn for change in some way or another. Some, though, go overboard.

I like the couple of changes I've seen recently. Marco Polo Hotel's Café Marco is now sporting a more chic and sleek interior. The "wardrobe" change was more than welcome after wearing its "Italian countryside" garb for more than ten years. Its new contemporary look makes it more exciting as a dining destination, more timely if you ask me.

Nice, di ba?

At the debut of its new image, the spread was a feast. Again, they must have cooked everything on their menu, restaurant's and function's. Unfortunately, it was just the wheat bun with cheese and salmon for me.
I have yet to discover if the "new and improved" look of Café Marco will have the cuisine to match. I heard the feedbacks but I would like to try it for myself and see where the scales tip. I hope it's on the right side.

Very inviting. Looks good. I have to try it soon.

On the wide screen, the change to out-do the predecessor is always the formula to make the film a box-office hit. Chevrolet hosted a screening the third (and last?) installment of the Transformers saga, Dark of the Moon, where their two cars were prominently seen. It was a pretty entertaining ending to the trilogy, if it really has concluded its run.

Spark & Bumblebee & their earthly forms.

The film bore a couple of interesting details- the antagonists have kick-ass machines (Driller was awesome!), and most importantly, no robot or man can truly outshine the real star- the woman, (now sporting a thicker upper lip) Rosie H- the heroine who saved the planet in her ever-dependable weapon of fashion, her stilettos. Try to run or fall from a crumbling skyscraper while evading the attacks of nasty robots in high heels. The feat surely beats any advanced technological weaponry any alien brings to Earth. Awesome!

Action-packed heels. How else should the planet be saved?

Driller is my favorite (I wonder why?) but its gnawing blades will be no match to Rosie H.'s lips.
This mean machine was shattered before the heroine got the chance to pout her killer lips in its direction. 

Café Marco's move to refashion its look to entice its clients and Transformers revelation that the world can be saved best in heels, may just show us that change, in looks and outlook, when done for the better, will always be beneficial.

As beneficial as having change (as in coins) in your purses when taking the public transportation abroad. Or, even here in our good ol' Pinas, when handing the right amount of fare is respectful, most especially on your ride's first trip in the morning when (perhaps) change is unavailable. Thus, the reminder brought to you by the bikini-clad lady- "Barya lang po sa umaga." This may be the one thing that's never going to change.

Published in Sun Star Weekend newspaper on July 31, 2011.

At Marco Polo Hotel's Cafe Marco reopening

At Chevrolet's Transformers Dark of the Moon screening.