One small good deed can make a big difference. Imagine what an out-pouring of small good deeds can sum up to. 

The catastrophe that struck Davao was shocking. No one even thought it could happen to us- properties were ruined, homes were swept by raging water, and most unfortunate of all, lives were lost. This is a sad time for the Dabawenyos.

Just about every channel possible was used to call out for aid- mobile phones, radio, social networking sites, etc. However you can extend help, whatever you can give will matter and will be appreciated, nothing is too little.

Everyone sprang into action, proof that the bayanihan spirit is alive. There are those who sent their donations- food, clothing and medicine, there are those who offered their services, and more admirably, there are those who did both.

I had the chance to join a group who didn’t have to wait for a cry for help. The day after the calamity, it was just understood that they had to lend a helping hand. I am not surprised. If out of nowhere they formed a group to feed malnourished children with the hopes that this illness will be eradicated, I didn’t even have second thoughts that I will find them where help is needed most. And they don’t even need the accolade.

Knowing that the relief centers are well equipped and provided with donations and volunteers, they sought areas where aid cannot reach. They drove through narrow rough roads and trekked muddy paths bearing food and what little comfort they can give.

In times like these, there are no little good deeds. Every good deed is big. Though you seldom hear the words “thank you”, the smile on the face of the person in distress is enough to know that you got a pat on your back. 

Still, thank you is in order, and let me say this to everyone who has extended their good deed, no matter how little you believe it is- thank you very much.

Photo credits: Halad Kapwa & Kabalikat Radiocom. Thank you & great work guys!

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on July 03, 2011.