Bitch Bites: Dark Chocolate Cakes & Chocolate Fudge

Bitch Bites. Trying what's new on the menu.

Sin has a face....and it's edible.
The eye is the key. If they like what they see, they covet.

Dark Chocolate Cakes & more.

I wrote about Joel Rodriguez and his divine creation- the Peppered Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, Apple Awardee in 2010.  I received a dozen of these "forget your diet" treat as a Christmas present from Otoy Mercado, stylist & make-up artist.

Remember this?  Peppered Dark Chocolate Cupcakes by Joel Rodriguez.

A few recipes after, he bid Davao farewell and flew to the US ........ to study at the Wilton School, a cake decorating school in Chicago.

The good news is he's back in town, baking his cakes again and decorating the pieces with flair. Soon, he'll be opening his very own cake shop at the heart of the city. But even before he can welcome his first guest to his cake atelier, he would gladly take your orders today.  Call Joel Rodriguez at 0919-291-5008 for your orders.

Dark chocolate mousse layer cake with bittersweet chocolate flares.

Joel (must be the best looking baker in town) & his Rapunzel's tower cake for Sophia's birthday.

Blameworthy Chocolate Fudge.

Long before the potato chips came up with the "once you pop, you can't stop" tag-line, the Dabawenyos have already been munching (and gaining weight) over the Mrs. Ignacio's Chocolate Fudge creation and found it impossible to stop. Let's just say, this lady has single-handedly conquered the sweet tooth of this city's citizens.

This very popular chewy chocolate treat showered generously with walnuts have been lusted over for generations, and everyone who has had it will attest that there is only disbelief when they've finished the bag in one sitting. The realization (and maybe guilt) will settle that they did so when they see the pile of colored wrappers. It's like your popcorn in the movie house, you never realize that you have munched on all the popped kernels until you've reached the bottom of the tub.

Blameworthy Chocolate Fudge

The secret recipe has been handed down through three generations, probably the most precious of inheritance a daughter can get. From the lola known as Mrs. Ignacio, who she passed it on to her daughter, Priscilla Sarenas, and daughter -in-law, Mercedes Sarenas, and down to the third generation, to Ada Sarenas-Angala, who can give up her day job to meet (and sate) the demand(ing) of the market.

If you are from Davao, then you would know of the legacy of the chocolate fudge. If not, then expect to gain a few inches around your waist when you finish a whole recipe of 10 packs with 25 bite-sized bars in each pack. There's one more important thing you should know, you'd be re-ordering for more on your first bite.  If you really believe in your diet mantra of "moderation is the key", now is the time to put it to the test. Good luck!

Priced at P850 per recipe. 10 bags, 25 bars per bag. Call Ada Angala at 0917-590-5756. She only bakes on weekends.