Zombadings. Horror has never been this funny.

Inide films rarely make it to our cinemas in Davao, most especially those with themes dwelling on controversial topics. Not unless, our cinemas are more open (please?) to hosting festivals (or even just screening) for these experimental film producers. 

For this film, ZOMBADINGS 1: PATAYIN SA SHOKOT SI REMINGTON, SM Cinema hosted the premier showing, a week before its regular run. 

Wednesday is NATIONAL ZOMBA DAY. Mark your calendar, that's August 31.
You don't have to strip to watch the film. But please don't let me stop you.

Best friends & almost lovers in the film. Kerbie Zamora as Jigs & Martin Escudero as Remington.
Good young actors.

This film is FUNNY. Comedy, horror, love story a dash of science fiction, the movie tackles the plight of the homosexuals in our society- the varied faces of the homosexuals - from the closeted to cross-dressers to those in denial, the tolerance & acceptance, the unconditional love of family & friends, the hate crimes, and the ridicule that became the plot to kick off this movie.

Bakla, bakla, bakla. Young Remington mocked a grieving Roderick Paulate.
Roderick retaliates with a curse.

Escudero's performance as Remington metamorphoses from manhood to "gayhood" is very convincing that it made people ask if he is really gay.  He delivered his 'gay lingo' lines with ease and his lean physique was perfect for those fitted "dalaga" t-shirts, the typecast fashion of the young outed gays we usually (may disclaimer ha) see around us.

But if there was one scene in the movie that proved to be Escudero's "shining moment", this love dance would be it. He surely nailed this one! 

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Remington's Love Dance

The young thespians at the Davao screening of their movie.

 Martin Escudero & Lauren Young

Zombadings 1 writer & the director, the same talented team that brought us the multi-awarded  film Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros.

Raymond Lee & Jade Castro.

And the people in Davao who came to watch.

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa shokot si Remington is one great movie to catch. Of course, the number by title clearly hints that this will be a series. In the meantime, I won't be surprised if this movie will laugh itself into winning awards.

Have an apple Remington. You deserve the praise for a great movie!