Bula 2. Nang bumula muli ang bibig ni O.

straight from the horse's foaming mouth

And so the blog about this sales & marketing head's improper way of inviting the press (the rest of my colleagues share the same sentiment, this you need to know) reached the culprit. The latest faux pas was her last-minute-pick-up-your-own-ticket-at-the-reception invitation for the foam party at the posh destination's take off point to the main resort (Guess which had more foam: a. the dance floor, or b. her mouth).

On the launching event of Islands Banca Cruises which I was (properly) invited to at the Marina of the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, she wanted to know if I was on the guest list of the organizer. I wonder why she had to ask.

I was told that she got to read the blog and was asked what she was planning to do about it.

Her reply: "Wala."


No damage control? Maybe no damage was done? Let me help you with that.

She just exposed another unbecoming behavior of an officer (I still wonder how she earned it). If there is at least one good thing she has shown her staff, it is why her ways should never be emulated.

Need I ask if you want more lemons? Here they are....