I'll wear flip flops in Paris

J'taime Paris!

It's been a while since I've been to Paris. The most recent visit was in 2006 and that's a gazillion years ago. I swore to myself that I'll renew my citizenship every two years, three at the most, but something always came up.  Forgive me cheri, I know I should be heading back "home" soon. 

In the meantime, I wil just have my fond memories of the avenues and boulevards, of the macarons and the tarts, late night walks and picnics by the Seine, I could go on forever. 

But to make sure that my trip to Paris will soon be realized, my new flip flops with the Eiffel Tower pin will be the traveling "vision board" I take with me anywhere I go-- if I get to wear the pair. I have to thank Havaianas for this latest addition to the growing collection.

When I do make it to Paris again. I will wear this pair.

What I will be wearing on my next trip to Paris.

The possibilities of creating your very own special pair in the recent Make Your Own Havaianas at the Abreeza Mall were endless. The bright, exciting and wonderful colors of the components were popping  in the atrium. Of course, I chose to walk on the safe side of the color wheel. The melon, canary, aquamarine or chartreuse is just not me, the personal preferences will always be black, tan and brown for footwear, but you'll see the occasional red.

As for the pins, it was a choice between the Eiffel Tower or the Shibuya Doll, Paris or Japan. Guess which won?

As for the bright, happy colors, they found their way into the bags of these Havaianaticos.....

Stephanie, Nikki & Mia

Trisha & Chiara

Happy mother Marga with TJ

Come in your summer travel wear.
Surprise! I found a fashionable man with impeccable taste. :-)

Carmina's pair was fully studded, Raffy cannot complain & you'll read about that in Mike's column.

Albert & George

Travelers Mike & Bunny with Becko &....... errrrr,

Loving the flowers on Kerri & Monette

A family that stays together ends up with a family of Havaianas . The Tupas Family.

Martish moms & the kids to come, Tisha & Marga.

Bright colors to match beaming smiles.

Eager grandparents Edgar & Eetang

Ro, Jenny, Chin & Mia

Pepper & Lorena with Ada

Rochelle, Wency & Abet

Camille & Malouchi

Annie with the kids.


Wesley, Sarah & Gatchi

Flip flop loving siblings, Jessica & Trixie.

Flip flop loving siblings, too. Reyson &Jessica.

This kid is the best!

Gigi & her two strap choices