The encounter with the Little Bad Indian Girl....the script

One of the "award" winning shots of the Marina Bay taken from the 2nd floor stairwell landing.

The Tall Traveling Pinoy explored more of this museum and opted to take scenic shots of the Marina Bay from a higher vantage point. The stairway with landings fronting the bay were the perfect spots.

And on the second floor landing, a panting Bad Little Indian Girl appeared. With glaring eyes, she uttered accusingly, “AND WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAN COME UP HERE?!?!?”

TTP: (Shocked with the rudeness) Me, why?

BLIG: You are NOT allowed to come up here. (with conviction, glaring eyes).

TTP: (Irritated, but kept his cool) Excuse me? I didn’t see any “Do Not Enter” sign at the bottom of the stairs.

BLIG: (Accusing. Fuming.) I told you that you can only go around the pond.

TTP: (Message sending failed. Repeat message. Firm tone, forefinger wagging) Then you should have cordoned off the stair’s entry and put a Do Not Enter sign. It’s not my fault that you found me up here.

Last three lines were repeated a couple more times. TTP wondering why logic fails to enter BLIG’s brain and refuses to apologize.

At the lobby, LBIG was met by a short Chinese Looking Man in suit (whom TTP saw in the upper gallery) and chatted, still galring at TTP as he exited.

The absence of dealing with guests with propriety and apology made it appear that in “her” museum, it will always be the visitors at fault if rules, POSTED OR NOT, are not followed.

Or, is it because TTP is Pinoy, thus the approach? TTP hopes not. So if BLIG thought she can get away with it, SORRY honey but you have messed with the wrong Pinoy. Yes, he’s Pinoy and he has a pen, and he just made you very, very notoriously popular.

Another dozen of lemons for you to munch on.