{ Bitch Bites } Guyabano Ice Cream de Booboo Maramba

{ Bitch Bites } trying what's new on the menu

Booboo Maramba's Guyabano Ice Cream

It must be the purpose of her existence. to make life sweet.  Well. I'm glad I met this lady and became a close friend.

Booboo Maramba creates wonderful desserts and she never stops amazing Davao with her creations. She localized her confections- the Latik Cake, Mangosteen Macarons, that became instant favorites. So it comes to no surprise that she tries her hand on localizing the flavors of ice cream.

Here's another one of her must-taste- the Guyabano Ice Cream. The creamy ice cream (not sorbet) has chewy Guyabano fruit bits. It can be THE dessert to end a meal, a refreshing treat on a hot day and the perfect remedy to a sweet tooth's craving.

Here's an interesting information about the Guyabano fruit, "The Guyabano tree, its fruit, leaves, bark is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer. 10,000 times stronger than Chemo."

A miracle indeed! If alternative treatments are as good as this, this gives us a very, very good excuse to have gallons. 

Can you cope up with the orders, Booboo?