Christmas 2011. Party #1

And "the season to be jolly" officially kicks off with the first Christmas Party of the season. 

Yep, it came really early. From the looks of it, the list of parties will be long and the number of calories involved will exceed the budgeted intake for the next six months. 

The first party was hosted by Globe for the media and its chosen beneficiary.

Happy kids getting their early Christmas presents from their wish list. (I hope the other girl got her style of choice).

Just like every Christmas party, there should be games. Charade was one of them, Here is what Kenneth Ong had to act out for his team mates to guess.....

And here he is mimicking the Statue of Liberty.

After several attempts- like waving a flag, doing a flag ceremony and putting his right hand on his chest, the 30 seconds was up. No one guessed the word... no steals from the other teams either.

The root of the problem was _________________ (put your answer here.)

But Kenneth took home an IPad anyway.

Not because he did a good job in Charade. He won it in the raffle draw. Lucky guy.

And AMA won the other IPad. 

And Nelson took home the Collector's Item IPhone 3G with a unique rotary dial. It's one of a kind!

Of course, I was kidding.

Here are the Davao media who took home a bag of groceries each. At least I know what's going to be on their tables for noche buena- Filipino style spaghetti (read:sweet) and fruit salad.

It was fun.

I wonder when the next party is.