Christmas 2011. Party #4

Christmas is in our hearts.

Never forget it.

Christmas is also in our bellies.

Agree or disagree?


After the eye-opening episodes with a bank teller and a good friend:
Bank teller: "Sir, ang laki ng itinaba ninyo, ano?"
Me: Holding on to counter. Losing consciousness.
 Next day.
Friend: "Papayat ka lang.....oo nga mataba ka ngayon."
Me: Dizziness!
It can't be denied, it was time.

No better time to start the diet than now. The season to be jolly will have to be only in my heart, strictly. I should have never allowed myself to get to the point where my "cabinet members" have to go on strike, again.

So for the 4th Christmas party, the annual gathering (and exchanging of gifts where everybody is a manito or manita) of the "Dream Team", I opted to feast over my Seafood Clam Chowder Soup and Caesar's Salad, only. The rest of the team remained jolly in their hearts & middles, and reveled on what the menu had to offer. (Stress made them do it, so they say). 

The company of good friends with loads of stories to tell will banish thoughts of hunger. Aside from the gallons  of water intake, the constant laughter will fill your stomach with air, so that will make you feel "busog".

Meet the Dream Team. 

Stressed but not showing it: Pastry Queen extraordinaire Booboo M, Overt MI Agent Cara dS., Event Planning Dynamic Duo Anavi L. & Monette C. 

PP (not Papa Piolo, pwedeng PR & Publicist, but more appropriately,  Pregnant Pressman) with Graphic Design Master Kenneth M. & Fab Stylist & Make-up artist Otoy M. 

And making Davao sparkle are the jewelers- Emil, Christian, Emilia & Eileen S.

As usual, it was fun.
As usual, we were the last customers out (which was a little past closing time).
As usual, the evening was too short, bitin.

Everybody looking happy.

Me milking the cow before leaving. Will ask Olive P. to make cheese.

Another great evening of good vibe with friends. Merry Christmas!

As usual, may part two kasi nabitin.