Christmas 2011. Party #5

This was the gathering I was looking forward to- the SunStar Christmas party!

It is incredible what these bunch can up with for their department presentation given the tight schedule they have. They have to work around the news writing and chasing deadlines for rehearsals. Effort! Plus, squeeze more of those creative juices and channel it to their production number with the hopes of scooping the top prize and the earn bragging rights.

I was invited to join SunStar Editor-in-Chief Stella E. (in her miraculous Christmas hat) table along with sportswriter Imee  G.

writer Ethel C.

and News Editor Nelson B and writer Henry T.

Opening the evening with a Christmas song. I never knew until this moment that Jose Marie Chan's "Christmas is in our hearts" was that long.

I guess it was the Universe reminding me that I should keep Christmas where it should be- not in my belly.

So after a "hearty" dinner of lechon (no rice para less guilt), everyone got ready for their presentation.

Here is the editorial department ready to wow the crowd.

First up, the Distribution department. 
They got the moves like Jagger and the faces of someone else from the office. Winner!

Stella E., you have the power to change the future.

The Production team's Santa dressed and played Santa in sando. Blurry shot, that's how fast Santa moved.

Waiting for his turn on the stage but duty called, Papa Stef in his performance gear.

Glow in the dark. Funky moves from the Accounting department.

Making Mariah Carrey proud. The Marketing department's "All I want for Christmas is you" routine.

And the Editorial department's mishmash of 2011 headliners reviewed:

From "infamous" out-of-the-ring episode of our beloved mayor... showbiz's "heart-breaking" expose' of Megastar's daughter but refusing to divulge the "real reason" for the break-up after forgiving him for 8 trangressions (lang naman). 

"Hindi ko pwedeng sabihin ang tunay na dahilan, Tito Boy," said the poor little rich girl in her TV interview.

And a flash flood of blind items and photos of Papa P with his male friends filled the net (now "viewed with more malice"). His home network's spin doctors working overtime for damage control and "creatively" came out with this release: the alleged "M" as mentioned in the interview was Maricar Reyes and not the rumored singer MB. .....(Asus! nangintriga pa noh?) GMA's hospital arrest. (Ana D. did a good job impersonating. haha)

Hilarious sketch! So Saturday Night Live. I love it!

But before the winner was announced, Orlando Carvajal announced his retirement.
Then acknowledged the paper's outstanding employees.

Congratulations ladies!

Editorial department took home the grand prize!
No, I was not a judge.

P.S. Like I said, I went on a diet that started a few days ago and drinking gallons of water helped in the "busog" feeling. In this party, I kept requesting for refills and after constant trips to my table, the waiter gave me this....

Actually, the real story was while he was filling the glass, he got distracted with another request that took his attention off his current task.

I hope it made you laugh though.

Another fabulous event! Thank you SunStar and keep up the great job!

Merry Christmas!