I am thankful for....

It's that time of the year, for the USA at least. But it didn't stop Raffy and Carmina from hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at their chic abode. I know just like everyone else, they have a million things to be thankful for and want to show their gratitude by cooking for their friends. 

In their true foodie style, Raffy baked his famous fresh bread to go with Carmina's appetizers- liver pate, cheese & truffle honey, baked escargot. Raffy tended and basted the turkey while Carmina tossed the so-refreshing salad, and whoever made the fresh pasta, I take my hat off.

Everyone brought a bottle of wine, red or white, so you can imagine how many bottles there are.
Here are a few of my favorite things...

The cocktail scene

Dinner is served.

On my plate: turkey, bread pudding and cranberry sauce, and some pasta.
Not too much.
Guess why?

Here's why.
I'm the first to reach the dessert course.

Jon-jon's to-die-for desserts.

And the perfect pair for the sweet things.

Those who came to Raffy & Carmina's dinner...

I just added one more thing to be thankful for. Thank you Raffy & Carmina for a lovely, lovely evening!