Argento del Salvador's new Mesh Collection

Love your silver jewelry as you love your gold pieces for they can be as precious. Most especially if designs such as this come your way. 

All made meticulously by hand for hundreds of hours by master craftsmen who share their love for all metals available. They transformed this white metal into these.

LIZA. This mesh piece inspired by the necktie or "scarlet", 1.5" width. 38" length, takes more than 6,000 hours to  create.  Seen below is the Silver Mesh Scarflet with graduating oxidized tones on the tips as detail.

Other finishes: Gold-dipped, Copper-dipped & Oxidized. 
Bespoke orders accepted.

LUCILLE Necklace. The mesh is rolled into an exquisite and elegant neck piece.

LUCILLE Bracelet. 

To order, email at