February '12 musings. Of love, lunacy, lindol & lolas.

It's that month of the year when the spotlight is turned towards love and lunacy, when Eros is on duty 24/7 aiming arrows at hearts and hoping it hit its marks (most often it's the libido), when those said to be "lunatics" celebrate their natal day, and from across the globe, the super spheroid season kicks off.

It's a leap year. The added day is said to correct the "drift" in the timeline. Maybe this is where the term "kulang-kulang" came to describe those born on this month, they're "drifters" in their manner of thinking. Although this is untrue, I know of a couple of friends who are living proof and validation of this theory. But I love them anyway.

Having an extra 24 hours in the calendar means more time to get crazy. And that's what has been happening around me.

Go, go, go lola!

This is one of the most-awaited time of the year for (probably) the entire globe and I don't mean the Miss Universe beauty pageant. For the USA, Superbowl Sunday is a biggie and joining this nation for the half-time show is just the rest of the globe.

M is for Marvelous.  The Material Girl emerged garbed in gold Givenchy.

Madonna photos from the net

For the 2012 season, everybody was eagerly awaiting what this adored artist was up to- Madonna. With this "lola" (as the alternative set fondly calls her for her undying and "un-kabogable" career in the music and fashion industries) expect the unexpected. She is forever a surprise every time she takes center stage, and on this event, we were glued to out computers awaiting for the first post of her Superbowl halftime gig.

The reviews were mixed. So what else is new. She didn't disappoint me. At 53 in a gold Givenchy creation, she vogued and wowed the planet. Proof is in the countless posts and millions of hits in YouTube while the social networking sites of Facebook and Twitter were burning the internet lines.

I wish Celine Dion will live Forever!

The other "lola" who made the headlines was the original "birit queen". Regine V. must be the saddest of her tragic demise, after all, her shrilling career jumpstarted when Whitney Houston's style of octaves high(er)-hitting notes took her to the top of the charts.

Indeed. She, and all of us, didn't foresee her untimely demise.

This year was Whitney's rumored comeback to sobriety and career. But on the day before the Grammy's, the union of regulated drugs and the bathtub proved its lethal point and claimed this diva's life.

The world mourned. Suddenly, love and grief were posted in Facebook statuses (why no posts while she was alive?) and everyone who can and cannot sing belted their tribute songs with the Bodyguard soundtrack "I-e-I-e-I-will always love you" echoing the most.

Can you imagine if Celine Dion leaves us? "My heart will go on" will go on and on and on and become too titanic for comfort. This thought alone makes me shiver. This is the very reason why I wish Celine immortality.


More sad news shook the planet, the most devastating was the 6.9 magnitude earthquake in the Visayas where homes and lives were lost. As if it was not terrifying enough, the Tsunami alert caused more fear and panic, so did the aftershocks. I pray that no more calamities hit our nation, and the rest of the world, in the coming days.

Unforeseen & terrifying.

To make matters worse, while the rest of the country were sending their aid, love and positive energy to the Visayas, this woman was wishing out loud her death wish in a social networking site,"Let us pray…. na matuloy and tsunami para maraming bisaya na mamatay, para mabawasan and mga baduy sa pilipinas,"Ahcee Flores. There are more of this woman's posts that spread like wildfire (search Ahcee Flores in Facebook) and why she feels this way is a mystery. The Visayan speaking nationals are hunting her down.

Say, whaaaaat?

Speaking of "baduy", this alleged culprit, Ahcee aka Gladys Lumantes delos Santos, is identified in these photos. You be the judge. 

Sinong dakila? Sino ang tunay na baduy?

Judgment day.

In Davao, the sudden proliferation of crime is a cause of alarm. The peaceful and safe city was no more, until these past few days when the suspected criminals, one of which was the hold-upper who slew his victim, were gunned down while evading arrest. To some, it's a gruesome act of violence and inhumanity that's improperly applauded, to others, a lawful cleansing process that deserves applause. 

Appalled or applause?

Airline nightmares and saviors.

May I point out that most of the flying machine's front liners are employees of a service provider and not the airlines. These "wailing walls" are in no way sympathetic to your woes, and this is why they are hired. Unfortunately, the hiring company will never escape the bad light.

My most recent encounter with these agents, a moron in AirPhi Express' 24/7 customer service in FB (http://apples-and-lemons.blogspot.com/2012/02/airphil-express-making-of-lemon-forest.html; http://apples-and-lemons.blogspot.com/2012/02/airphil-express-making-of-lemon-forest_14.html). This airline should be thanking a couple of Davao insiders who extended their helping hand (http://apples-and-lemons.blogspot.com/2012/02/john-maricel-save-airphils-face.html). But what of the other passengers who don;t have the same access as I do? I do hope these airlines, budget or not, should extend the proper customer service to everyone. 

Tell me what you think?


On that note, I wish the aging crew be as charming to the coach passengers as they are those in Business Class. We all pay for your salary, bear that in mind (http://apples-and-lemons.blogspot.com/2012/01/is-this-what-i-paid-for.html).

Never alone. Never Lonely.

Thanks to family, friends and pets, we are never short of love. But if you still want "that" kind of love, then you should be visible enough for a possible mate to spot you. 

Loves of my life.
Mom's siblings were in town & that's another great reason to gather.

For Valentine's Day, I was with my good friends for dinner hosted by Dina, a wonderful cook, whose fabulous menu filled our hearts with love and warmth. 

On the menu for Valentine's Dinner....

Today, I am in the company of more friends in this island paradise I call my other home. It's been a while since I've visited and a lot has changed. One this thing that didn't was their kind heart and loving ways.

A couple of reasons why Boracay is more fun (in the Philippines.).....


I may not be thanking these people enough for their unconditional love and care. Let me send another shout out- thank you all!

Published in Sun.Star Davao newspaper on February 29, 2012.