John & Maricel save AirPhil's face.

If there is someone to commend for saving the face of AirPhil Express and aborting the growth of sprouting Lemon Trees in its name, it would have to be John Barricuatro of JohnGold Travel and Maricel Taberna, the Area Sales Manager of Air Philippines for Davao.

They heard my concern and with a snap of a finger, came up with a solution. I am lucky to know someone who works for the airline, and with authority at that.

My problem was I am going to miss a connecting flight (on the same airline) to Caticlan due to the cancellation of the Davao-Manila AM flight. I don't like to stay in Manila ergo I booked a connecting flight to and fro Caticlan. Knowing this, Maricel immediately offered to move me to their sister airline so as not to miss the next leg, "Is it okay if you take the early flight of PAL at 7:10 AM? You don't mind moving from Terminal 2 to 3?"

Voila! Problem solved.

The Royal Bitch says... Bitch to no one lower than you. 

Dealing with call center agents is FUTILE on matters such as this. (With all due respect to call center agents, I have nothing against you personally or your profession)... They are paid to be the "wailing wall" for complaints of their clients. To be unsympathetic may be a requirement, and their responses are programmed. At least, they're good at relaying messages in "nosebleed English".....

Hello Mr. Salvador, your flight has been cancelled... Oh, you have a connecting flight?.....We can only rebook the first leg.... We can offer you a full refund...(read: You can't connect, not our problem, fend for yourself...)

Not all agents are created the same though. If you're unlucky, you'll be dealing with someone who is not gifted with logic. Some can be pretty stupid. Case in point, this....

(A service provider must be handling AirPhil's Facebook 24/7 account, I'm sure....)

My apologies, this agent is not stupid. Stupid is an understatement.

(For AirPhil Express. This exchange transpired on Tuesday, February 14---Valentine's Day pa!--around 4PM.)

I have a strong feeling my concern was not forwarded to someone with authority at all.

In the end, it's the company who hired them should be held accountable. And in my case, I bear good news....

I am lucky to have access to Air Philippines executives here. Again, thank you Maricel and John for your help! AirPhil should thank you for aborting the proliferation of Lemon Trees in your name and replace them with an Apple Tree.

My trip to my island paradise will be wonderful as planned....