Puppy love


Perhaps the greatest love story ever told about man and his best friend is Professor Ueno and Hachiko's. Their love has been told and retold from Japan to the rest of the world and I am pretty sure it made you cry, admit it.

I did. It was that time when no good movie was showing on the boob tube and decided to catch this dog flick. After all, Richard Gere was in it. I got stuck and soon after, tears were rolling down my cheeks like a dam releasing water from its reservoir. Damn the film's scoring! It was a good thing I was alone in my room, I hate it when other people see me cry over a movie and witness that I am mortal after all.

Hachikō, a golden brown Akita whose name was derived from 'hachi' meaning 'eight', a number referring to the dog's birth order in the litter, and 'kō', meaning prince or duke, was born on a farm in November 10, 1923. He was known in Japanese as chūken Hachikō or faithful dog Hachikō" for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, even years after his owner's death.

The dog that made the world cry.

It was a university professor, Hidesaburo Ueno, who took in Hachikō as a pet. Throughout this man's life, Hachicko was at the Shibuya station each day to greet him upon his arrival from work. Even after Ueno's untimely death, Hachiko waited for his master's return everyday for the next nine years on the exact time when the train was due at the station. The frequent commuters took who were familiar with him and his master took notice of Hachiko's unwavering loyalty and fed him.

Of course, I made sure I visit Hachiko's statue at the Shibuya station when I visited Japan. His was one of those rare stories that made me weep so I had to pay him a visit. 

Meeting Hachi at the Shibuya train station in Japan.

There must be other stories of a dog's loyalty around the globe which are not as documented as Hachiko's but are as equally amazing and heart-warming. The bond between man and dog is just unbelievable. But are humans as loyal as the pets they take care of? Are men dog's best friend? Did they have a choice at all? Just asking.

I have a feeling that these creatures are far more intelligent that us, mind readers they are. Aside from mothers, who else can ever understand and tolerate man's inconsistent behavior and offer unconditional love other than the dog? But unlike mothers who can speak words we don't like to hear, dogs will just stare, sit quietly or bark at man's mood swings. They just know how to react to every situation. They feel, they emphasize. Maybe this what makes them the best universal pacifiers. As simple as staring at us with their puppy eyes and wag their tails, it warms cold hearts, perks it up with joy and melt all the worries in the world away. 

Hugging Harry. My peg for this Valentine's story.
Are men "man's best friend" best friend?

Having said all these, do we pamper our pets enough? Shouldn't we give them the same attention as we do other humans our hearts yearn love for? Don't you think they need to be taken out on a special date this February 14th? I am pretty sure they'll appreciate the leveling up from dog food to Wagyu steak.

But should you rather take out the man or woman of your dreams first, know that whatever pick-up lines you utter- Teleserye ka ba? Kasi gusto kitang subaybayan; May sira ata relo ko. Kapag ikaw kasi kasama ko, humihinto ang oras; May lisensya ka ba? ‘Coz you’re driving me crazy; I forgot your name. Can I call you ‘mine’?; Kaya pala walang stars sa langit. Kasi nandito ka.- to the human your heart beats for to score a date on Valentine's Day or win a move to first base, these furry huggable will just yap by your side like you're the greatest.

Or so you think. On these instances, they'll never be jealous and you'll just have to thank God that man's communication skills are not as advanced as the canine's or you might just be hearing them say "WTF, ang baduy ni amo. Paksyet!" If you do, your pet must be Polgas (you have to be a Pugad Baboy reader to get this one).

Worry not. Should you get dumped or the other half of your heart pendant is still missing before the day of hearts, your pet dog can fill in whatever emptiness your heart feels. Dogs are there for you all the time. Isn't why we call them "man's best friend'?

JP with Pepper & Pickles
I would love to take the two to Boracay and just let them run around the beach
 and enjoy the water while having a cold drink and feasting on great food.

Joanna with Google
I would take my Yorkie, Google, to our usual early morning doggie get-together
with my running gal pals and their pooches. He enjoys running around with my
two daughters, Gianna and Simmina. We usually do this at the Crocodile Park complex
and picnic there afterwards. His favorite treat? Hot cheese de sal.

Karen & Kami with Brownie
This V-Day with Brownie, my little boy who keeps me company since
Kami's off to college, I will treat him to Steak tartare At Claude's, share a
yummy Cheesecake con Mais at the Cellar then have a nice pampering
massage together. He loves massages!

Lelit with Chewy
I got Chewy a red " I ❤ U" shirt for our date on V-Day.
I'll take Chewy to that steak house in DBP, order a big porterhouse all for himself.
And then, we will go to the MTS park where he can chase and hump anyone he wishes to!

Mackie with Winter
….at a private beach, throwing tennis balls into the water for him to play fetch.

Malouchi with Mirabella
If I could, I would spend Valentine's day with my family and furry babies in the
City of Lights and Love, where romance is in the air and furry friends
are welcome in any cafe, bistro, restaurant, hotel, or transport service.

Otoy with Louis
My Louis just loves to take afternoon walks around the subdivision……
....in his bag carried by the help. ♥

Shella with BellaI'll take Bella to the beach.
Denise with Cotton
I will take my pet poodle, Cotton, to the beach. We will play fetch and swim after.
Then we will dine on the shoreline together.
Kathleen with Mojo
Take Mojo to Croc Park because they love running and playing around.
Of course, I'll will bring their fave bacon treats!