Mihara Yasuhiro's funky footwear

Whiling time away as I waited for the theater doors to receive guests for the showing of Wicked at the Marina Bay Theaters in Singapore, I went window shopping. Yeah, right. As if I can resist not having what my covetous eyes lock on. 

I paid my courtesy visits to my favorite shops along the arcade and chanced upon this shoe store that only sells casual footwear (read: rubber shoes and sneakers). Not that I need anything for my (indefinitely postponed) sessions at the gym but I went in anyway. 

Then I saw these unusual shoes. It's Puma.

Puma has been collaborating with some of the best designers like Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan for its Black Label collections. So does this Japanese designer (sporting his own design).


Mihara Yasuhiro                catwalk yourself

Quirky king of avant-garde sneakers, Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro gets his kicks by challenging the boundaries of sport and fashion. By the late 90s, he had established himself as a footwear force with his muted, monochromatic, and distinctly urban styles. He soon entered into apparel, and later his successful partnership with PUMA in 2000. He’s a designer equally amused by geometry’s proven formulas and the unpredictability of pedestrians in metropolitan Tokyo. Somewhere within this space Mihara’s boundless imagination strikes a balance to produce a whole – shirt, bag, or sneaker – that’s grounded in logic but geared to dodge reason and surpass expectation. (Puma).

Searching the internet, I saw more of this style's color. NICE!

Check out more of Mihara Yasuhiro's creations for PUMA here:

          2011- 2012 Autumn Winter collection
          Black Label

Here's more. Look how he magically transforms these Converse sneakers into funky footwear for the fashionistas.  I MUST HAVE one of these!!!!

Don't you just love them?

I am now officially a fan of another Japanese designer.

Here's what i took home.