My plane ride with Adrien Brody

It almost didn't happen. If Maricel didn't give me a ride on another airline in exchange for their canceled flight, I might not have taken this connecting ride to Caticlan...

...and miss the chance to ride the plane with Adrien Brody.

But everything fell into its rightful place. Que sera sera.

At the pre-departure area, this guy caught my attention and wondered if he was heading to the right destination. He was completely wrapped up like he was heading to the mountains-- in waterproof pants, jacket, rubber shoes, baseball cap, sunglasses and a backpack to complete the look. Only 5% of his body could see the sunlight.

The Oscar-winning actor entering the country & Boracay in stealth photo
His prominent nose will catch your attention.

In the plane, he was trying to fit his backpack in the small overhead cabin. Of course, nakilaam naman ako and said. "I don't think it'll fit in there (having tried stuffing my backpack as well to no avail), try putting it under seat." Well, at least naniwala naman sya.

Here's my very own Adrien Brody shot.
Uh-oh.... stalker!!!!

I had to take this shot while they were asleep para hindi sila ma-conscious.

And in the island a day after, some French guys bumped into him and one even went back to make sure if it was Adrien Brody. It was, It wasn't. Uncertainty.

Oh well, it wasn't until after the net showed that Adrien Brody was indeed in the island. I took the smae flight he did to Caticlan. He was one seat away from me. 


P.S. I have to be honest that I didn't know it was him until a couple of days after. Sigh.