The Mediterranean Tour

On the bucket list- Istanbul, Santorini, Athens, Mykonos Morocco, Egypt, Monaco, the South of France and I don’t mind visiting the other islands and cities of interest that comes along the way. Why not make the most out of the trip and scour the Mediterranean Sea?

Let me share this good news- I took a tour of the Mediterranean!

It was a quite a memorable familiarization trip with the rest of the Davao press (what can I say? Somebody has to do the dirty job) accompanied by our gracious hosts from the Marco Polo Davao- GM Bruno Simeoni, PR ladies Meg S. and Patty T., DOSM Emily M., a new F&B man on board, Danilo H., and the tour captain, Chef Ed Tuazon.


Well this is a different kind of tour- a food tour. There’s nothing misleading about my previous statements. J 

This food tripping was surprising, which was not a bad way to start a tour. When this hotel hosts lunch, the highlights were always presented as the rest of its diners would see it- at the buffet spread. This time they took a different route. One would gasp while staring with wide eyes at the sight of a table filled with Mediterranean-inspired dishes. It was special. For a luncheon gathering for ten, the food on the table can feed the nation of Greece.

This, by far, was the best food presentation Café Marco has launched for the press. Each dish was prepped for the red carpet (read: picture perfect) that we can’t help but stare at it with covetous eyes. Of course, what is delicious to the eyes will turn the appetite ravenous.

All aboard now!

The tour took off from Marseilles, Provence in France with the Bouillabaise, a stew of seafoods. I believe it can be a meal on its own. Tip: go easy on this for there are more on the tour to enjoy. I then tried the region’s Daube of Beef Provencale, Braised Beef in Red Wine Sauce, before moving to St. Tropez and sampled the Prawn and Scallop dish.

Bouillabaise  (Marseilles, Provence in France)

 Prawn and Scallop dish from St. Tropez

Spain was the next destination. One should never miss their famous rice dish cooked differently per region. In Alicante, their paella has chicken, crabs and shrimps in its preparation. Then we moved to the Northeast, where Tarragona is, for the Cordero Asado with Pormesco Sauce (Leg of Lamb). Last stop in this country is where I think I want to live, Segovia. I enjoyed (more than I should) a serving of Cochinillo Asado with Cinnamon. Can I stay here longer, please? 

I want to live in Segovia & dine on the Cochinillo Asado with Cinnamon everyday.

In Tarragona, I had the Cordero Asado with Pormesco Sauce (Leg of Lamb)

In Alicante, they cook paella with chicken, crabs & shrimps.

 “No,” said the captain, “we’ll have move on to Greece.” It was a refreshing stop to enjoy the Capsicum, Salami and Feta Cheese Salad (imagine having this by the Aegean Sea). Is this why the Greeks are fit? Or is it because they are gifted with the genes of the Olympians? 

The Greek's Capsicum, Salami and Feta Cheese Salad

If there is one thing I never do when touring, I don’t stop until I have enough. But on this particular trip, I broke this cardinal rule. This was a case of “so much fare yet so little space”. I was already filled to capacity. That leaves me something to look forward to, taking another trip to the areas I missed and feast on their cuisine.

Did I say filled? Am I ever full to skip the most important part of any culinary journey- the desserts? Guess where I went to have my share of the Tiramisu and the Apple Tart Tatin? 


Apple Tart Tatin

This was the perfect way to end a journey of the Mediterranean. 

You can take the same trip. Head to Café Marco and enjoy the Flavors of the Mediterranean. It runs for the entire month of March.

P.S. My next tour of the Mediterranean will be the real thing.

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