Bao Bao tech, from Bilbao Prism bags to jackets

I flipped when I saw the Bao Bao Bilbao Prism bags (the triangle parts are smaller than Lucent series) splashing colors in the Issey Miyake shop in Bangkok in one of my visits. The Bilbao collection marvelously fuses fashion and technology.  No hesitations, I took home one. Mine has the dark denim look.

The black color I also love.

So, I thought the technology would only be applied to accessories. No, look what Issey Miyake has for his Fall 2012 collection.... Bilbao jackets! (I just made up the name. Has a nice ring to it though, don't you think?)

One of these will be my new lover. Aren't these fabulous?!?

I love these tops and bottoms as well. They look so comfortable.


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