{ bitch bites } Ho Sihk!

{ bitch bites } Trying what's new on the menu.

It was time I catch up with my BFF in Lotus Court at the Marco Polo Hotel. It's been a while since we had connected and with a new member joining the house, you can call it a double celebration.

Hello, BFFs!.... with paduling-duling effect.

Words can't express how we missed each other. 

The reunion also meant meeting the newest family member of Lotus Court - Rolando M. Bulilan, the new Head Chef, who says of his food,"I want to create entrees that enhance the variety of menu while keeping the classic Cantonese flavors intact."

"Chef Bulilan brings close to 20 years experience in the Chinese culinary world to the table. A young and eager learner, Bulilan's humble beginning in the kitchen, then taking on a junior position, soon blossomed into a promising career in culinary arts. As a professional, he worked at several cosmopolitan restaurants and through formal training, perfected his style in Metro Manila, Taguig, Quezon City, and Cebu City. Chef Bulilan is know for his Asian Palate and great artistry," said Danilo Herrera, Marco Polo Davao's Director of Food & Beverage.

Missing a few friends on the table, there was suddenly too much food for a small group. We had these "ho sihk" (delicious in Cantonese) dishes which you should try....

Crabs & Vermicelli Hot Pot

Deep-fried Lapu-Lapu with Mangoes in Chef's Special Sauce

Deep-fried Prawns with Taro Puff

Hunan Beef in Spicy Sauce...WINNER!

King Dao Pork Spareribs

The noontime feast offered us something worthwhile- catching up with good friends and of course, the chef's flavorful spread lingering in our taste buds..... and most-est of importance, me taking home a box of dark chocolate buchis!!!!

Marco Polo GM Bruno Simeoni, Anavi Laxa-Ramos of Crossover, DOSM Em Mauhay, F&B Director Danilo Herrera,
 PR Manager Meg Sta. Ines & Carlo Mallo of EDGE.

Chef Bulilan's masterpieces can be enjoyed at the Lotus Court of the Marco Polo Davao. 

For inquiries and reservatons, call (081) 221-0888 local 7232.