When Cafe Marco turned their spread to Japanese, I came.

Everything Japanese, I love. 


Sushi, Maki, Teppan....

One (big) plated starter per guest!

Experience a whole new genre of gastronomic adventure 
as Cafe Marco bring you the best of Japanese cuisine.

Café Marco welcomes the summer with 
the masterful cooking of Chef Mark Anthony “Violon” Tulbanos, 
whose culinary skills were shaped in specialty restaurants
in Japan from the year 2001.


Chef Violon prepared for me his special soba.

Balancing taste, texture, appearance, and color, 
Chef Violon’s food showcase features his modern interpretation 
of classic selections such as chicken and beef teriyaki, 
tempura, sukiyaki, ramen, sushi, sashimi, and more. 

Mizugashi... (the most important part of the meal)


A fabulous spread enjoyed with nakama....

Marco Polo Hotel officers & friends from the Davao media

Mr. Kenichiro Takayama of the Japanese Embassy in Manila,
Consul Kuzuhiko Anzai of the Japanese Consulate in Davao & his wife, Kikuno.

Japanese Consul Anzai & General Manager Bruno Simeoni

Special limited offer available daily for dinner 
from April 11 to May 12, 2012. 
For reservations and inquiries, 
please call (63 82) 221 0888 local 7222.

Domo arigato Cafe Marco!