{ jeepneyjinggoy stop } In the name of the Father....

What is this?  Where is this?

1. CLUE: Credit a great artist for this work. Unfortunately, he passed away finishing (not even) 25% of the work he started. Today, after more than a hundred years, the finish product is yet to be realized.

2. CLUE: Call it by any other name, it will still look as magnificent, most especially when light strikes it and exhibits its glorious artistry. The saints will then come marching in. Tres magnifique!

3. CLUE: Yes, It is the Sacred Heart, but this one is special. Where it sits is on the highest point of this chic city, on the "mountain of martyr".  At its foot was where world-renowned masters set up their studios and today, where all the artists of this city gather.

4. CLUE: There are Pietas and there is THE Pieta. THE Pieta of Michaelangelo Buonarotti is in the largest house of its kind (and said to be the wealthiest in the planet). Maybe it stands to honor the burial ground of the holiest leaders.

So, where in the world is jeepneyjinggoy?

The answers HERE.