Homage to religious Icons*

Aaaaand He’s back! And in good company.

It’s been forty-six days ago since day one of Lent, the onset of your penance and penitence- fasting from food or Facebook. Included in the count is the much-awaited Holy Week, which you were quite eager to observe- in church, at the beach or other destination of choice. Today is the finale of the season. Saved (again). Rejoice!

But this doesn’t mean you revert back to your sinful state, which is next to impossible. After all, you are but human- man of this earth and not the heavens. If you are the latter, then you must be a saint, and dead, for that matter.

Repented and pure or tanned and rested, whichever it is I’m sure you are cherishing the few remaining hours of this long break and dreading Tuesday. Monday, not manic this time, is spared from the loathing since it’s a declared holiday. The extended 24 hours of peace or frolic is sweet.

And before you are confronted with the desk and slapped with heaps of paperwork, celebration is in order. It’s Easter. Christ is risen, the world is wiped clean of sin, it’s back to the buffet table and rekindle the relationship with Aling Loring (you have to be a local to know this, Google will help) or any of her peers, and if you have kids, it’s photo-op with the Easter Bunny and go egg hunting. Hallelujah!

One bunny I would have loved to meet.... the late Alexander McQueen under the suit.

Today is Resurrection Sunday and I am truly grateful to the man who gave up His life for me. But over the peaceful course of my “staycation”, when time on my hands was aplenty, there were a few other things that were resurrected.

One is my moments of creation. It was like Pandora’s box, once opened and realization (along with guilt) gushes. Try opening five. Raw materials were waiting to be transformed into fashionable pieces and I knew I had to pick up where I left off (which was only about an eon ago).

Reconnecting with creativity over the Holy Week

Timely enough, the inspiration came from the religious Icons. These silver pieces were quick to morph into wearable art. It took this one creation to lead to the next. When creativity strikes, take advantage. Now I have quite a few that’ll land on someone’s wrist or neck and feel holier (and stylish). (See top photo)

And speaking of style, the gift of time afforded me to notice more than I normally do. The other returnees I found were hidden at the back of the closet (sorry, but not skeletons). There are things I give away for others to enjoy and there are some I hold on to, and those are blipping on the style radar again.

Resurrected from behind the closet & blipping on the style radar: paisleys, neckerchiefs & neck ties, colored shoes & argyles.

It’s the resurrection of prints, the 90s look, the bright colors. Fashion has the vintage vibe and I have the pieces for the look- paisley shirts, neckerchiefs, Ray-Bans, argyle socks, colored shoes and tassled loafers. Those are going to see daylight once more. What I don’t have are pieces in acid wash and I don’t have any plans to own any.

Three resurrections, three times the rejoicing. So much blessings and I am truly grateful for them, most especially to Him.

So let me greet you a very Happy Easter, wish you continued blessed days ahead and end this story. I have my own eggs to hunt. 

I won't mind if this egg, or any of its kind, falls on my lap. The Peter The Great Faberge Egg.

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*Homage to Religious Icons by Argento del Salvador. 
Braided leather & silver chain necklace with pendants of lacquered religious Icons set in sterling silver with marcasite frames. 
By order only.