I will dance to your songs forever Donna Summer

I love disco. I love swing.

Disco nights ended with the glaring sun greeting me at the exit. Those were the days when clubs where called discotheques and the night only ends as soon as the last man steps out. These days, the music ends at exactly 2 AM., full house or not, please leave the premises.

The finale was always from the Disco Diva herself- Donna Summer's Last Dance. One more chance to dance the swing before heading to Delumbar (the after hours barbecue chicken house by Rizal Park) or sneak back home without mother knowing and change for Sunday morning mass like a dutiful young Catholic boy who woke up early after a good night's sleep.

I love Donna in the movie Thank God It's Friday where she played Nicole, a wannabe Disco Diva.

Than you Donna for the music. I will always dance the swing when Last Dance plays.

PS. I also loved Paul Jabara's cutie-cutie Trapped in a Stairway in the TGIF flick.