Knock, knock, knock on heaven's door?

It's the Sarangani Bay Festival, the biggest beach event in the region. Booking a room in the beachside resorts of Gumasa in Glan should be arranged months before the festival. Room availability is still a problem even with the couple of resorts opening in the area in the past year. Or maybe the number must be right when you think of the rest of the year. The Sar Bay Fest is only 2 days in the 365 days allotted in the year.

For the late bookers like me (who is not into the camp and tent scene), staying in a General Santos hotel is the next best thing. The trip may be an hour long (one way) but if having a clean bathroom and toilet is at stake, then I don't mind traveling the distance.

New hotel, nice resort feel. But how about the security?

As for peace, quiet, privacy and safety, I cannot vouch for in this hotel. Only a year old, the "open"design of Sun City Suites has the resort design but security poses a problem for its guests- 1. The guests on the ground floor has the corridor open to the parking area; and 2. Just anybody can enter the room area, ground or second floor, and I mean anybody.

Hop in, or out. You don't have to pass through the lobby to gain access to the rooms.

Today, my traveling buddy was awakened by a loud banging on his door at 5AM (lang naman). He asked who it was but received no answer. He had the mind not to open the door, ring the reception area and have security check who it was. The reply he received was "babae sir, pinapapunta daw ninyo."

So, in this hotel, it's easy to access to any of the rooms. Just pretend to be a guest, a friend or a hooker, get in and out..... My imagination is running CSI wild now, you don't want to know my morbid thoughts.

They didn't bother to ring the room and double check, they just let her through without asking for identification.

They clearly didn't ask the lady who in room 109 she wanted to see. Even the reception has no idea who was staying in the room since his room and two others were registered under one name- our host's and she's female.

It's nice here but not secure. Just saying.

How about some lemons to keep your security awake?