May 2012 musings: the other side

On the other side of Gumasa

Surprising. Inspiring. The past days, the Universe was actively displaying its wonders without having to travel too far and opening my mind to what’s on the other side, whether it’s of a story, of a relationship, of an opinion, of a place, but not past the pearly gates, not just yet. There is so much more I want to do.

On the receiving end this time.

May spotlights mom. Though there is no gift that can truly be worthy of the unconditional love she has showered us, the simplest acts of love- a hug, a kiss, is enough for her. Of course, she deserves more. Maybe breakfast in bed, dinner out, flowers, and if the creative little hands whip up specially crafted gifts, moms won’t only be grateful, but proud as well.

On the receving end this time. Moms get to sit on the pedestal this month

The other side of Japanese “invasion”.

Have you wondered why Davao has a very rich Japanese heritage? If you must know, it was during the development of the abaca plantation industry in the early 1900s that lead to the rise in Japanese migration to the province. This historic era is now on exhibit in the Davao Museum. Go visit. (

On the other side of the picture @ the Davao Kuo exhibition of Davao Museum

The other side of the barricade and bay.

On a trip I thought that wasn’t going to happen, did happen. I’m glad I hopped in the van and have San Miguel’s Meggy Macion take me for a ride (in the good sense) around the Socsargen area. It was a “good trip”.

The SarBay fest was a huge success! The party venue was jam packed for the two nights of celebration. I found the Beach Hunk & Babe surreal as I watched from across the barricade (take about maximum security). As fireworks lit up the sky, the San Miguel bands rocked the bay.

MAXIMUM SECUTRITY! Watching the Sarnagani Bay Fest Bay Body Pageant from the other side of the barricade 

I bumped into Gov. Migs Dominguez who was quite surprised seeing me, I just had to see how the festival has grown from the previous year. Gov. Migs, my answer your to question of “O, meron bang ganito sa Davao?” is that I am glad Gumasa and Davao have their own charming festivities to showcase.

The Socsargen day brings more surprises. The other side of Gumasa is the closest place as I can get to Santorini with a magnificent view of the azure bay, Mt. Matutum was kind enough to show its magnificent peak, and finally, I got visit Kalsangi and try their famous steak (it was a disappointment, I was served a tough one).

TOUGH luck! First time in Kalsangi, where the steak is said to be to die for, & I was disappointed. This one is rubbery.

Thank you Universe! Mt. Matutum shows off her peak.

On the not so safe side of safety.

Sun City is a nice hotel in GenSan but its design trumps security in priority. Anyone can easily gain access to the rooms, with or without the knowledge of the employees. (Story here: Maybe they have to up their measures and give their guests the privacy and security they deserve, the railing is not just good enough.

On the not so safe of Sun City Suites in GenSan

Here’s terrifying news. With so many actively sexual people know of (and hopefully use) condom, there is still a rise of sexually transmitted cases, HIV the most alarming. Why?  “Latex condoms and oil-based products (baby oil, petroleum jelly, Vaseline, massage oil, body lotion, etc.) do not mix, because they weaken latex, increasing the likelihood the condom will fail.” Use water-based lubricant, it's the safe choice.

On the other side of my diet.

Here are my top delectable discoveries and they are all to die for: Maite’s Albondigas in Tomato Sauce and Cinnamon Roll (0918-882-2539 to order); Leandro’s Food for the Gods is chewy and not too sweet that you can’t stop until you finish a package (222-5578 to order); all the Bagnet dishes at The Bagnetian are innovative and restraint is a must lest your blood pressure will shoot up (09182648323/(082) 3007134 for directions and reservations); the Crazy Cook’s stylish Pao in several variants are so nouvelle cuisine (234-7075 to order); Vanessa’s Empanaditas in two variants are like eating stuffed chips that you can finish a dozen in one go (0917-700-4489 to order). Good luck on your diet as well.

Maite's Albondigas in Tomato Sauce & Cinnamon Rolls; Leandro's Food for the Gods
The Bagnetian's bagnet dish; Crazy Cook's Pao; and Vanessa's Empanaditas

Crossing to the other side.

Disco diva Donna Summers may have bid us farewell but her songs will on. “Disco kids” (today its “clubbers”) like me have danced until sunrise to her tunes. Thanks to “retro”, the 70’s and 80’s fashion and music have been introduced to the new generation. For a good many of us discophiles, there will never be a last dance to this diva’s music.

On the other side now, Disco diva Donna Summer bids us goodbye but her music will stay

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Published in Sun.Star newspaper on May 27, 2012.