It comes in 3s: Charice Pempengco

She was discovered belting it out in You Tube and birit-ed her way to stardom appearing in Oprah and Ellen as herself, and in Glee as Sunshine Corazon.

The Pinoys all around the globe were glued to the boob tube to catch the shows/episodes where she appeared in, and the accumulated goosebumps her stirring performances induced can rival the source of all the feathers filling every pillow and duvet ever produced. We have another Pinoy international superstar!

Along her rise to fame are the loathers and intrigues, the price of popularity the stars have to pay. It was shortly after I met this lady when I heard comments about her "new attitude to a new-found fame" and her personal preferences came to my attention.

Apparently, I am out of touch for I never knew these things. Like I care.

Maybe that's a good thing. At least what I know about this "little girl with a big voice" is limited to her performance as an artist. She sings well and will be better as she ages, if she manages to stay on the right side of her career path, that is. Like or dislike, this girl is talented and we will be seeing more of her.

Which is sooner than you think. On X Factor, the reality TV show much like The Voice meets American Idol, she's been signed up as one of the judges/mentors. She won't be the bitchy one, for sure, but maybe co-judge Martin Nievera can take that role.

Just like with KC Concepcion, I got a short exclusive time with Charice made shorter with the handlers shortlisting the short list of questions I prepared. (Pardon me, the rat-a-tat use of "short" has nothing to do with Charice's vertical physicality.)

Here's a few things you may not know about Charice which she gamely shared over my Playtime: It comes in 3s Rapid Fire Q&A with her.  Playtime is suppose to be fun, and the sillier the answers, the better. So please don't take everything too seriously.

3 things you can’t leave you home without.

Cellphone... for communication
My bag with an X-Box and TV

3 singers (& what songs) you want to do a duet with before you die. 

Mariah Carey. When you believe.
Lady Gaga. Born this way.
MNM. I need a doc.

3 careers you could have been good at if you weren’t a singer.

Tricycle driver.

3 Lady Gaga songs you want sing and dedicate to her detractors.

Born this way.
Poker Face.
You & I.

Too short and no fun, right? Sorry, no hirit and birit for me. It might have been fun to know her thoughts on these: the 3 songs you think Jessica Sanchez should sing to win the AI 2012, and the 3 singers you don’t mind having a relationship with (read: 3 ideal men). I wonder why that one was crossed out.....hmmmm.

Rapid fire Q&A with Oprah's godchild.

Photos: Rudolph Ian Alama

And the obligatory shot.

Sooo Michael Jackson (minus the sequins), is this her trademark?