July 2012 musings: Of art & signs of things to come

There is more to Phuket than Patong

The Universe seems to have this artistic knack of showing how things may manifest in the future. A lot of times in involve drama. Or is it just me who perceive these events to be dramatic or am I the one making it so?

I can be such a drama queen at times. But believe me, there are more super emote/overacting creatures around us. Unfortunately, there are no Oscar or Famas trophies to be handed out or any award-giving bodies that recognize these acting efforts (actually, there is one—the Apples and Lemons Award). More than disgusting, they are funny and you just have to shake your head and feel sorry for these bunch.

This month for me was an encounter with art – art of dressing, cooking and creating, and about places I wanted to visit and things I wanted to own and how the Universe told me “not yet”. And showed me why.

The art of dressing up.

The Hijos de Dabaw maybe the one and only time in a year when the Dabawenyos step out of their homes in their most elegant personas. Sadly, the ternos are limited to the participants of the Rigodon de Honor. How I wish the Filipiniana dressing up extends to all guests (maybe just like in early years?). I know it’s easier for the men to slip on their Barong Tagalogs and more effort for the women, but it would be wonderful to have everyone in the ballroom in the motif.

I love the monochromatic look of the Ternos this year. Elegance and style was exuded with subtlety. However, a couple of dresses stood out, in a bad way. One designer must have channeled the Sto. Niño and the other I.M. Pei. The look just didn’t work.

Don't. Channeling Sto. Nino is so Sagala. Gold embroidery & white plastic teardrop pearls on pink satin.

What is tackier is when someone from the Davao society said, “Si Jinggoy namimili ng kanyang kinukunan ng picture.” Ex-ka-yuuus me? You want 3R or 5R print before leaving the party?

The art of cooking.

I know Chef Booboo Maramba creates the most fabulous desserts in the city and that she teaches as well. But for the first time, I saw her in action in her free cooking lessons at the Trust Home Depot. Her style of teaching is very comprehensive and very entertaining (she injects humor in her spiels) and she’s very generous in sharing her technique and recipes. No wonder this woman is blessed and well loved!

Chef Booboo is a fabulous instructor. Seen here- a free cooking & baking lesson at Trust Home Depot.

The art of creating.

After the painting and cooking lessons, this time Trust Home Depot is invoking the artist in everyone to design their eco-bag. In this design tilt, the winning artwork will win P 10,000 and will be the official print on the THD eco-bags. To enter, visit Trust Home Depot on Facebook for contest details.

The art of selling.

Selling is an art and so is shopping. Sellers will flash their best offers – discounts on personal commissions, the best payment schemes, etc., to make a sale while the buyers will shop around for the best deals. The top value for money deal will always win.

That made clear to all sellers, Agent 1 offered a 3% off her commission plus other discounts to sign up with her – her offer P 27.00. Agent 2 said she cannot match the first offer but is willing to help in any way (nice move, lady!). Agent 3 whose idea of besting is somewhat skewed, offered P 34.00. A re-computation was requested but nothing came except three invitations for sales events. After the most recent sales blitz, she sent an update —P 39.00, with no other options. It seemed like a joke when at the very start she knew the best price to beat was P 27.00.

The funniest part of this shopping is getting accused of threatening to blog this dealing if I don’t get the discounts I was asking for. Really??? Seriously??? Logic evades me as to why I will put myself in bad light and come across like a cheap, stupid, spoiled, whining kid deprived of a candy treat and threaten to tell the teacher on you. If this is your idea of blackmail….oh well, what should we call you…hmmmm.

Blackmail is so not my thing, so is namedropping. Social climbing, though, is required in my day job, which I don’t mind at all. And honey, remember there is always Agent 1’s offer I can opt for so there is no need for blackmail, and please take note of Agent 2’s professional take on the matter.

Now Agent 4 comes and offers a very, very tempting deal. Let’s see where this lead to.

Dear readers, for the very first time I will leave it to you who and how much apples or lemons you want to award the people stated above. Go for it!

A sign: House or condo?

Or is this incident a sign that I should just live in a house instead of a condo? It’s cheaper and wiser actually.

A sign: Why things don’t happen as planned.

We drove for four hours to Phangnga, hop on a boat and stay a night in Phi Phi Islands but we were 15 minutes late. So we decided to head to Krabi instead, but we got lost along the way. Disappointed, we drove back home.

Why the trip didn’t happen was because a pipe broke and water flooded my host’s home. A night away may have caused more damage. Plus, I was able to enjoy more of Phuket’s wonderful sights.

A sign: Fathoming the reason behind circumstances.

In one senior moment episode, an expensive one, I arrived at the airport a day late. Naturally, I had to pay no show and rebooking fees. No, I didn’t check my ticket and yes, I really believed that I was leaving the same day my friends were. As to why this stuck to mind, I really don’t know with everything moving so smoothly on this trip. I know there is a reason and whatever it is, the Universe has led me to a better path.

Call it guidance, signs that are present, but the choice is left to us. Whatever road you choose to take, enter it with an open heart, with gratefulness.

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