MDNA World Tour 2012

Lived the 80’s life and a big fan of the decade — its opulence, fashion and music– and Madonna’s Into the Groove topping the list of favorite tunes (remember Desperately Seeking Susan?) 
I’ve seen her concert tours on video and TV and swore to myself that I’ll bite the pricey ticket cost if she comes to this part of the globe. It’s been three decades since she came into the scene, her singles and albums topping the charts, several concerts touring the globe, reinvented herself a few times and I am still crossing my fingers that one day I will see my lola perform live….before she sprains an ankle from running around in high heels or retires.  
I want to catch Lola M’s 2012 tour !!!!!
The thought excites me.

Looks like this time, it’s going to happen.