God bless the lechon

Bless you!

Next to prayer, it is food that keeps the family together. And when the whole family is present, it calls for a celebration -- an unending celebration. Well, until vacation time is over and everybody has to face reality once more. Like they say, all good things come to an end. As for the lechon, it is best to enjoy it moderately.

In any Pinoy celebration, the lechon on the table makes it complete. You know how we always find a reason (from the worthy to the ridiculous) to celebrate, as long as there are friends or family around us, bring out the lechon!

The lechon for lunch on a day at the beach. It's not even 11AM yet.

Loving the lechon in the P.I.

And the lechon came out (and more expected to come out) these past few days when the two of our siblings came home with their families for a much-needed break completing the headcount in this hometown once more. Of course, this called for a celebration (-ssss).

Rarely home. Bring out the lechon!

Expect nothing less, one party can never be enough. Having been gone for more than two years made the heart grew fonder. The company was surely missed (the humans and the lechon). It’s a rare occasion to have all the cousins gathered in one room and causing a racket in the “old house”. This kind of noise was a very welcome one for the house has been too quiet the past years. Lechon was in order.

Savoring each and every part of the lechon.

So came the first lechon and another and another. At the main house, in a brother’s home and in another, on the bangka while beach hopping, just about anywhere the family can gather, the lechon was with us and we gathered around it.

Happy dinner at Happy Home.

Dinner at Jack's Ridge

Where is the moderation in all these? The escapist’s remark of “we don’t do this often, anyway,” will hold. The glorious taste of the crispy pork skin is just too hard to resist that the diet is shunned to forgetfulness and the fear of getting fat or high-blood pressure is non-existent. We can always go back to it when the visiting siblings bid goodbye then lechon servings will be cut….. until an invitation for some celebration comes our way.

Cousin Pam visiting from Bohol. Lechon!

Until the bidding of farewell comes, let there be lechon on the table. It will take another year or two until the family gathers next. For now, it’s best to cherish each other’s company and savor this Pinoy party staple.

Thank you Lord for this family.

Complete/Incomplete. Everyone present but missing mom.

Incomplete. Lolo & the grandkids minus 1

And, thank you God for the lechon. It does make family ties stronger. 

Never mind the cholesterol.

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