TRUST the first year

TIME flies. It’s been a year since Trust Home Depot inaugurated its first warehouse type branch in the city, the biggest of the company by far.

Trust Home Depot is Trust Hardware's biggest branch by far

This company has gone a long way since it’s first branch opened in Chinatown in the 70’s. Trust Hardware, with its aim of bringing its services closer to the Dabawenyos, opened more stores in key points in Davao. Growing with the times, it broke out of its traditional mold and went big with Trust Home Depot, a one-stop shop offering total comfort and convenience to the growing market of the city.

School supplies in a hardware store? Art classes and an art exhibition inside a hardware store? Cooking classes – with a fully working modern kitchen, in the center of hardware store? A food fiesta at a hardware store?

These were all unheard of and elicit gasps at the idea. Not until Trust Home Depot dared to think out the box and conceived novel ideas, affairs that do not traditionally happen within the confines of a hardware store. The formula was a success.

For Trust Home Depot, the list of firsts has started long before it turned one. The one-stop shop is the first to include a school and office supply section in a hardware store widening the store’s offerings and market. This section was highlighted with another first – art classes. It drew in the young, and the subsequent art exhibition, the artists’ families and friends.

The first of its kind- art classes in a hardware store

Art + Design. Kids' art is exhibited along with Trust Home Depot's upscale furniture from Nest.

A full working kitchen plus free cooking classes at the center of the hardware store, another first for Trust Home Depot. Working mothers, homemakers, cooking aficionados and hobbyists went home recipes happier and excitedly wore their chef hats in their kitchens whipping up dishes with new tricks.

Another first for Trust- Free cooking lessons for Moms.  Chef Booboo Maramba shares cooking tips in a fully-working kitchen at the center of the Trust Home Depot.

These are just a couple of the firsts Trust Home Depot initiated. Two more were instituted when it turned a year old.

“In line with today’s Thanksgiving celebration, we will be launching two things. First, our Trust Home Depot Eco-Bag, a durable, chic and reusable shopping bag designed by a brilliant Dabawenyo artist. We at THD, are one with Davao City in advocating environmental sustainability and conservation, and promoting the creativity and innate style of the Dabawenyo artists; 

Trust Home Depot's new Eco-Bag

Design Trust Eco-Bag contest winner is awarded by THD's Marketing Manager

and second, the Trust Home Depot Premier Builder’s Card. I believe it is the first of its kind in Davao City that offers Premier Builders— practicing Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers, fixed discounts on a selection of products. The best thing is, it’s absolutely free,” announced Stephanie Seng, Trust Home Depot’s Marketing Manager, during THD’s anniversary fete.

Another first-- loyalty card for Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers

More than a hardware store, “Trust Home Depot is a Designer’s Hub,” said Architect Connie Dy, designer of Trust Home Depot. From the basic building requirements to the chic accessorizing, the design complex carries a wide range of offerings to create a dream living and working cocoon.
As Trust Home Depot enters into its second year, expect more trendsetting ideas that will make everyone gasp in disbelief (again), draw smiles and raise eyebrows. Whatever it may be, trust Trust Home Depot to make it work.

 THD's Marketing Manager Stephanie Ong of Trust Home Depot with  Architect & Designer of THD Building, Connie Dy.