Beautiful things: Converse the collaborator

Collaboration in the name of the game. To stay in the scene, one must be in tune, ride the waves of change and be open to brainstorm with other creative minds. It's everywhere from music to clothing. In music, Madonna has been working with DJs to remix her classic tunes and other artists, from Justin Timberlake to Nikki Minaj, to give her new singles a spike of now-ness.

For classic brands like the good ol' Converse, it is no different. Everyone's favorite footwear has also been in the game for years now and the result-- jazzed up comfy pairs!

I am a sneakers guy and there must always be a pair of Converse on my rack. It's perennially the go-to pair. I wonder why it matches all the clothes in the wardrobe.

Here, the heart goes from the sleeve to the heel. Converse comes out to Play "like the boys"and hustles the streets with Comme des Garcons.

John Varvatos does away with the lace on this pair and replaces it with a garter (on the interior attached to the flap) for a snug fit.

My current favorite, the Converse half breed. This pair, Miharayasuriho sliced it in half, retained the front and attached his funky half. (You should see the furry version).

The Japanese are just the best!

Check out the Missoni (Spring/Summer 2013) pairs. It's the Italian designer's fifth collaboration Converse.

And the Missoni X Converse Spring 2012.

It works, if you ask me. The spiked Converse pairs has more character to it. I hope I encounter a few more. 

And you? What's your Converse pair?