Damage control from bad to worst.

I received an invite for the inauguration of a state-of-the-art movie house, a first in Davao and Mindanao, and be one of the first 455 (their seating capacity) to experience it (as if I haven't). It would be a treat, thank you.

"Kindly present you invitation for a ticket to a first come-first-served movie screening."
This they should have printed.

The invite stated "Kindly present invitation upon entry", which I did. Miss receptionist even cross-checked my name on the guest listing to confirm.

Judging from the number of people in attendance, the event was a success. But would there be enough seats in the cinema to accommodate everyone? I was pretty sure an event with limited seating capacity would not send out invites more than required.

I was mistaken. It was first come-first served!

Damage control:

Bad: they received guests (at the reception) more than they can seat.

Ok, I admit this can get out of hand. Forgivable. But what happened next is not.

Worse: Totally in bad taste, the executives/organizers were blaming their invited guests and publicly addressed them with:

 "Apparently our invited guests brought their own guests so we don't have enough seats....."
I didn't hear any apology. 
So tell me, what was the invitation, guest lists and receptionists for?
Control of non-invited guests was totally in the organizer's hands.
Of course, the organizers will never admit to overbooking the event.

Worst: Your "pampalubag loob" is off. 

"....we'd like to offer the other screened films in the other cinemas, or you can list your names at the reception desk for a free screening tomorrow at 10AM."
As if the guests:
            - don't have day jobs (check you guest list)
            - can't afford this cinema (again, check your guest list)
            - are desperate to try this cinema (new in Davao but not to us)
            - are eager to watch one-week old films.

Better change your perception of the Dabawenyos please.

Here are three baskets of lemons for you. Go figure what they mean.