The Apples & Lemons Awards 2012

Huh! And you wished the world ended yesterday and wished that this page won’t get printed today. Well, tough luck, honey. Not even the ancient Mayans or modern day doomsday prophet can predict who’ll end up with an apple or lemon on their lap.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the best and the worst of Davao is given credit for their good deeds and misdeeds, and awarded with the coveted lemons and despised lemons. It’s like what the Royal Bitch always say (just like Santa’s song)—you better watch out blah-blah-blah…. So without much further ado, let the awarding begin!

Apples Awardees.

Davao in higher visibility. DOT XI Regional Director Arturo Boncato. Ever since he was assigned to the position, he has been spirited in promoting the region to the local and international market. Tough the job may be, Boncato has never wavered in his conviction that the region will reach its objective as a world-class destination—one single step at a time. With tireless effort, Boncato’s vision for the region is materializing with increased visitor arrivals, airline deals, hosting national conventions, etc. Though he won’t admit it, his latest achievement (he’s sharing the credit with teammates in the private sector, though I know he spearheaded this one) for the city is bagging the National Ad Congress. He has been eyeing this gathering for years now, and finally Davao City won the bid to host. Congratulations Art and keep up the great work! How many apples do you want?

DOT XI Regional Director Art Boncato is amking the Davao more visible.

Fabulous venue. And speaking of the city hosting big events like MICE and Ad Congess, Davao has SM to thank for setting up SMX, the biggest multi-use hall in Mindanao. I foresee the city as the next favorite convention destination. Take an apple please.

Mindanao's biggest convention hall- SMX

Good business. The local business trend is pointed north with the country’s tycoons spearheading the scene—SM opened the biggest shopping destination in Mindanao and drew in a slew of clothing brands and restaurants, and Rustan’s Group of Companies set up its fashionable labels in town giving the Davao consumers easy access to their favorite must-eat and must-wear. More importantly, it meant more job opportunities for the Dabawenyos. An apple for every businessman who set up shop.

SM Lanang's opening- more business & more jobs.

Best show by a product. How else can you present flip-flops with excitement? Popular personalities? Gorgeous models? Leave it to Ipanema to stage a very Cirque du Soleil production to showcase its footwear collection- the Urban Jungle Fashion Show. It is the best product presentation Davao has seen for 2012. Bravo Ipanema! Here’s a pair of apples for a job well done!

Best show by a product-Ipanema's Urban Jungle Fashion Show

Best-dressed ladies. Long before Davao has become flooded with fashion brands, there are ladies who have been impeccably dressed whatever the occasion may be. In the few gatherings I was able to attend this year, these are my picks: Vivian Galang wore the butterfly sleeves best in this year’s Hijos de Davao; Bianca Baretto-Uy and her stylishly-cut ensemble in muted tones is always perfect, and Joji Ilagan-Bian always rises to the occasion. Fabulous apples for these stylish women. 

Best-dressed women- Vivian Galang, Bianca Baretto-Uy & Joji Bian

Helping hands. It is heart-warming to see people take action and help those struck by Pablo’s wrath. There are thousands who helped in ways they can and chose to remain anonymous and I want to say thank you to you by handing you an apple.

Applause to all who helped in whatever way they could.

Lemons Awardees.

Best fashion forward, please. Yes, Davao knows what’s new, fashionable and stylish. So when you open an apparel store and promote it as “fashion forward”, stay true to your word. Don’t rely on the brand name, it’s popularity doesn’t mean it is worthy of awe. In the fashion show staged to debut the brand in the city, your idea of the best of what the brand can offer was disappointing. Fashionistas are found all over the country, not just in the Capital Region. Here’s a lemon to perk up your fashion sense.

No dear, this is not a rehearsal.... (the brand's idea of) Fashion forward streetwear best left on the streets.

A movie plot that sucks. And speaking of respect, when you send out invites that state “please present”, it is clear that you take control of your event. If you don’t and welcome uninvited guests as well, do not blame the invited guests for your incompetence and have the nerve to publicly announce, “Unfortunately, our invited guests brought their own guests and so we ran out of seats.” Leave your disrespectful hosting style in your city, don’t apply it here in Davao. Munch on 457 lemons!

A ticket with no seat,

RSVP, please. Respect runs two-way. When you get an invitation and the host requests for RSVP, practice propriety, it will be highly appreciated. But RSVP for the names on the invites ONLY. If the host wanted your family along, he would have written their names as well. Got it? In the meantime, enjoy a lemon. You know who you are.

RSVP only with an invitation. But that’s not the worse. Try getting an RSVP from someone who is not even invited. Worst, she RSVPs for her gang (all not in the guest list). Worst-er, she started dropping the name of a relative who, unfortunately is not invited as well, to squeeze into the list. Tough luck dearie, your trick didn’t work. But the good news is you scored a perfect 10-lemons.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on December 23, 2012.