Smile like a donut, love like a child

WASN’T it yesterday that we met the first day of 2013? And now it’s already February? I don’t know if you feel the same way I do, doesn’t time rush by too quickly? No, it’s not my age that concerns me but how twenty -four hours can pass with a blink of an eye. It rattles my brain and makes me ask myself – Where did the day go?, Did I do enough?, Was it a happy today?, Did I make anyone happy today? Which leads to more questions — Have I traveled enough? Have I loved enough?

Nothing is ever too late. Like you, I am continuously blessed with a new sunrise each day and a chance to smile like a donut and love unconditionally just like a child.

February’s entry made me smile (like a donut and with a donut) which was quite heartwarming (most especially if you are surrounded with friends and food, and I guess the “love like a child” applies here). The “loving” came on the first day of the month of hearts and I am expecting a lot of more romancing as the 14th approaches.

Food has always been the go-to guy, so to speak, whatever the occasion or circumstance is— graduation, first paycheck, birthday, anniversary, bienvenida, despedida, split up, etc. As the party gets smaller, the episode gets intimate, more romantic perhaps (depends on who you’re with, of course) and this should be expected this month.

However, at Antonio’s where Pinoy cuisine is their specialty, intimacy will involve the family (unless you and your date can finish off a crispy pata and sizzling bangus with rice) with their “A Love Story” blitz.

14 dishes? No problem., I am with the right team- my Press-mates.
This is our idea of intimacy, enjoying food in more ways than one.

14 lang pala eh. Chicken! (which is also in the menu, by the way)

Feast on 14 of select Antonio's dishes & your get to take home this gift 

It entails feasting on 14 specific dishes on the menu (the stuffed squid with pork sisig is the winner), at one time if you’re a huge party or a couple at a time, and you get to take home a special edition couple’s shirts. Sweet. And filling.

Antonio's Stuffed Squid with Pork Sisig is a winner

Cooked perfectly- crunchy veggies cooked in coconut milk

The sweetest couple, ANthony & jenny A. of Antonio's 

Then there’s finding romance in the most unexpected place, like a hardware store. Since the opening of Trust Home Depot it has been innovative with its promotion. They make shopping for the home more exciting this month with the “It’s a Date” campaign. Where else can you win instant prizes like a romantic get-away in world-class destinations like the Pearl Farm Beach Resort and Marco Polo Hotel? There’s a lot more of prizes in the basket to take home and it spells romance.

Find love in an unexpected place. Trust Home Depot will give you the chance to spend a romantic night at Marco Polo Hotel or Pearl Farm Beach Resort

No special gig at Barrio Bistro but it has an all-day two-for-one pizza promo for dine-in, take out or delivered. Amazing, right? 

Major discovery!.....2 for 1 pizzas all day!
Guess how many pizzas this group finished?

Try the Taco Pizza and the Garlic and Cheese (a little sweet but it was good), 

Taco Pizza

And my all-time favorite- the Garlic & Cheese Pizza

and while you’re at it, have the Crispy Dinuguan, Aglio e Olio Pasta and the Spare Ribs. 

Barrio Bistro's Crispy Dinuguan is best eaten with unlimited rice

Aglio e Olio Pasta

Like what it says in the mural, this Bonga Store serves bonga food.

Bonga food in this bonga resto- Barrio Bistro

I love donuts so much that I even braved hurricane Sandy just to sate a craving. The victory bite made me smile... like a donut.

Victory smile. Braved Hurricane Sandy to get a donut.

On the local scene, a bite on the donut will surely make us smile more because Krispy Kreme and its “Share the Gift of Joy Advocacy” sets aside P20 for every sale of its specially designed Tin Can (with the donuts in it, of course) for its 12 partner charities that cares for the children, lives, environment, creativity and animals.

The tin can of love

Feeling the sweet donut love- the kids from Providence Home of Saint Joseph

These are the kind of loving that embraced me so far on the first few days of the month of love and I am looking forward for more in the days to come. Expect for fun (and my waistline) to double next week as we join in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. I know the Lotus Court at the Marco Polo Hotel has something special brewing for the coming year of the snake. Buchi here I come!

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on February 03, 2013.