Where is your "most romantic place in the world"?

I love the sidewalk cafes in Le Marais in Paris.

It may at a park bench in Luneta, Manila or in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, the sea wall along Roxas Boulevard or  Malecon in Havana, the lighthouse by the cliff in Basco, Batanes or  Formentera, Balearic Islands......."It doesn’t really matter where you are when you’re with the one your heart beats for. When you get caught in “that moment”, romance blooms, you’re sure you are in love, and that particular spot will become the most memorable site for you and your lover."

Basco, Batanes is heavenly.,,, Richard & Dawn can attest to that.

For some couples, they found, strengthened or rekindled their love in different parts of the globe- Spain, Canada, Switzerland and even the nearby island of Cebu. Read which places they found most romantic and why.... "The most romantic place in the world"