Fashion & Style from mother to daughter

Moms are the living tomes of advice. She’s never short of “the good word” should we need any counseling. How else did the quote “mothers know best” arise?

Fashion tips, believe it or not, are included. It must have a few chapters in her “Book of Wisdom”. She has been shopping all her life—for herself long before she said ‘I do’, before and after she heard her child’s first ‘u-ha’, and all the way until they were able to choose (and purchase) their own clothes. She has seen the fast-changing fashion trends and joined the bandwagon on some, and along her long journey through the runway, she found her own style. All these make her an authority in her world of fashion.

Here are some of Davao’s women who speak of their personal style, share the fashion advice they inherited from their mothers and what they’re passing on to their daughters.

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on May 12, 2013.