June 2013 musings: Of good friends, people I worked with & RSVP-ing my gratitude

Facebook post: Success is never achieved by one. There are so many people to thank for making the unveiling of Marks & Spencer a memorable one. Let me make this shout out to everyone who made it so-- THANK YOU!

This was what I posted on my wall after the event that was deemed “successful” in more ways than one. The set-up of the unveiling was executed by the M&S Visual Merchandiser was superb, as usual, not compromising any detail (as he was taught by his mentor- the grand dame herself), the M&S team made sure everything was in order inside Asia’s second and the Philippine’s first Concept 11 store, the Davao team—the caterer, photographers, models, host, etc.—were in top shape to make sure the standards of the client were met for the company’s big boss and his brood are jetting in to town for this event.

My gratitude to Mr. Anthony Huang for the vote of confidence.  

As to the guests, Davao personalities from the political, government, business, media and social circles came to grace the event and came in style. From the vantage point of many, this “intimate” gathering (compared to the previous store openings the Rustan Group of Companies opened in the city) was well attended.

Thanks to M&S' Lucille Tolentino for the continuous trust & to the special guests who graciously accepted the invitation to be part of the event- Congressman Karlo Nograles with wife Marga & DOT Regional Director Arturo Boncato.

What people didn’t see were the countless hours poured by a large number of remarkable people to make this event successful. Congratulations team and looking forward to working with you again soon!

Fourth Rustan project with these creative guys- Jackie Aquino & Ayie Aguirre- looking forward to more!

Honored to be working with you guys- Ayie Torres, Christine Asperilla & Bong Aportadera  

To good friends and the remarkable guests who took time off their busy schedule, thank you! I may have not have extended my gratitude in person to each and one of you but I hope everyone was able to read the message I sent through the Facebook via my wall and private messaging. See you on the next party?

P.S. Another on RSVP.

I will not give up on the idea that Davao will learn how to RSVP. Let’s practice it, please. Believe me, you will learn to appreciate this simple act of courtesy (and proper etiquette) when it’s your turn to be the host your very own gathering.

P.P.S. One more thought on RSVP.

Maybe it’s correct for adults to accompany kids to a children’s party but it doesn’t apply the other way around. Why is it when grown-ups are invited to events for adults, they prefer the company of their underage kids as their +1? I just don’t get it.

On Father’s Day.

My hats off to this fabulous working team- Stylist Otoy Mercado, Photographer Wacky Masbad & models Karlo & Marga Nograles.

Karlo Nograles gave an immediate nod when asked to do a pictorial for Father’s Day. More surprisingly, he’s like a pro that we breezed through the shoot. As usual, Davao’s favorite make-up artist and stylist Otoy Mercado and photographer Wacky Masbad did a fabulous job in creating a very stylish layout. Thank you, gentlemen.

On Celina, MY Apprentice Asia winner.

And, don’t forget to vote  for Celine Le Neindre, the Dabawenya in the TV reality show The Apprentice Asia.

Though I’ve know this lady for quite some time, I haven’t worked with her. I bump into her once in a while and updates me with what she’s been doing. This time I see her on TV—in AXN’s The Apprentice Asia. I was able to chat with her (http://apples-and-lemons.blogspot.com/2013/06/it-comes-in-3s-appentice-asias-celine.html) and she’s getting my vote. It’s halfway through the season and she’s doing great so far. Congratulations and good luck Celine! (To vote for Celina Le Neindre, click http://www.axn-asia.com/programs/apprentice-asia/AAindex. Use #AACelina on Twitter for support).

Blessed, that’s what I am. Again, thank you everyone!

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Published in the SunStar Weekend newspaper on June 30, 2013.