I SHOULD be going out more often. I have come to believe (and accept) that it is enough that my social life has become limited to attending lunch with friends (which doesn’t happen too often, by the way), family gatherings, children’s birthday parties or the occasional invites from event launching, anniversaries or cocktails. That tells you about my age.

With Jackie Dizon, Ramon Francisco & Choli Robillo at Au Francais cocktails

What I am glad about is that I still haven’t reached that point in my life that I have to stand as godparent to someone’s wedding or become a guest of honor in some exhibition that caters to the mature age group. But I think (and fear) I am approaching that barrier, I have received an invitation to the latter to which I failed to attend. I never knew I was part of the line-up of “snipping VIPs” until after the event. I disappointed the organizer. I apologized.

But an invitation by a good friend, I cannot say no to even if I have to break my habit of taking anything than vegetable shake for supper. Just to make you understand, I had a recent procedure done that re-introduced me to an anatomical member that I haven’t seen for decades. Salut to you my waistline! I am not about to let you disappear again.

How can I say no to Marissa Tionko's invite? Here with Rodney & Rochelle del Rosario

And I bid salut to the new garcon on the block of dining destinations in the city, Au Francais. The cuisine is what the name suggests, of course. It was good to re-acquaint myself with the food and a national, Stephan Masyn and his Dabawenya wife, Kira, as a prelude to a coming trip to the City of Lights. Bonjour Paris!

Stephan & Kira Masyn of Au Francais. Salut!

On its formal opening, wine poured and the hors d’oeuvres were flowing. It was a sampling of what to expect from the French bistro’s offering—home-cooked meals and good wine enjoyed in the company of friends. Tres French movie scene actually, only the characters were and will be Dabawenyos.

From the spread, there was one dish that took the spotlight—the Tuna Tartar topped with Avocado Puree. It’s a very light and refreshing appetizer I can have anytime, evenings included. That appetizer surely marked my Au Francais experience. As for the rest of the dishes, which I am afraid I purposely steered away from (purely diet reasons), my foodie gang took fancy in the Cordon Bleu and the Crème Brulee for dessert.

Top pick from the menu-- Tuna Tartar topped with Avocado Puree

It was nice to be out at night, I should do it more often. Enjoying the company of good friends while sipping wine will keep me young (and my LDL down).

Salut Au Francais! May you make Davao enjoy the pleasures of your French cuisine and wine.

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Seen at Au Francais' affair:

(Clockwise from top left) Lani Ayala-Villorente & Anavi Laxa-Ramos; Vnce & Tricie Arcenas: Brian Lim & Cara delos Santos; Melissa Suarez, Miggy Laurel & Ken Ong

(Clockwise from top left) Sharorn Seng & Tobi Ang; Malouchi Gahol, with Chester & Mabelle Lemen.

Ram Luis, Bryan Ramos, Leah Imperial & Boo Maramba 

Camille Soriano, Yvonne Soriano, Mia Pineda & Mia Floirendo