50 shades of gay

Bingbing's 50th birthday honors the gays in her city of Tagum. Her gift from them-- a Carnivalesque spectacle.

It was the most unorthodox golden celebration I’ve encountered. When Midas touched Bingbing and she turned gold, she wanted a party she could dedicate to a set of people close to her heart—the gays of Tagum.

The celebrant wanted them to be her guests of honor. Her residence was to be decorated in the colors of the rainbow, the cabana set for a fancy dinner that will seat each guest like a queen, and an entertaining program as “beki” (read: gay) as can be that everyone can relate to.

Long before the party, she knew these friends of hers will me mounting a “fashion show.” But what she didn’t expect was these creative individuals came up with something more spectacular—they brought the Carnival to her doorstep.

What transpired on the Bingbing’s special night was nothing she and her other guests imagined. “This presentation trumped all the shows of its kind in the history of this city. 

Unbelievable!”, said one guest. It was one of the most colorful pageant mounted wearing all the 50 shades of gay.

A glittering night it was, very fitting for a woman whose heart is as glittery as the gold the Universe has gifted her with years. 

Happy birthday Bingbing, and may you continue with your journey through life sharing your blessings with the each and every person you meet.

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