Baby, you can drive this car

Bianca Barretto-Uy shows the interior features of the new Mirage

So whenever there’s a new car model that comes out, Bianca tries to persuade me to get one. “You need it,” she always says. As usual I stick to my template reply, “I’m still fine taking the jeepney or the taxi,” and I go on with my rambling (template as well) that I am too irresponsible to take care of a baby, inorganic it may be—registration, oil change, washing, etc. I am too lazy, period, and asked, “Besides, have you seen the daily traffic jam in front of your building and the rest of the city?” I am a grumbler and driving is clearly very hazardous to my health. 

The all-new Mitsubishi Mirage G4

But this doesn’t stop me from admiring a car or two. The thing about me is I cannot be impressed with whatever is standing or imprinted on the hood of a car—an angel, two Rs, a horse, a-two-toned pizza pie—a car is a car. The more expensive it is, the harder it is to maintain. You got to have the moolah to keep match the car with your lifestyle. Or a lover of cars, and I’m not. 

Antony Serafin & Celestino “Al” Barretto

Corkee Barretto

If I do need to own a car, the utilitarian in me will certainly have something to say. Comfort and function takes top priority. If it can transport me to my destination will be fine, the smaller the vehicle the better, it’s easier to clean (yet still not exempting me from the other responsibilities that come with owning a car. Ugh.) and easy to squeeze in a tight parking spot. Sleek is good, so is mileage and spacious interior (I thanked God for my long-leggedness, so the car has to accommodate this gift without sacrificing the rest of the passenger’s comfort). All these are in one car that Bianca wanted me to see during its launching at the Mitsubishi showroom—the Mirage G4. 

Lyndon & Sharmila Ong

Bianca is right, the mirage G4 is a nice car with all the features that fit my requirements except that it’s not self-registering, self-oil changing, or self-bathing, to which she replied, “You can always have someone do those for you.” She has a point. I am now a step closer to owning a car.

Jack Ramirez, Doy Relampagos, Jerry Serafin

Now, did I get myself one? Not yet, maybe soon. If the parking slot in the condo is in the cost of the package, maybe I will. But if the look and features of this new model is taken into account, this is the car I can own. Yes baby, I can drive this car.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on November 7, 2013.

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