2014: Laugh a lot (sometimes out loud)

What I want to do in 2014 is reconnect with laughter, and there’s no better way to start this habit than looking at my selfies that didn’t make it to Instagram and Facebook- The Royal Bitch. 

And 2014 steps in, what resolutions made it to your list this year? Is it the same as last 2013’s? Were you successful in crossing out all of the entries from last year? How about one?

We make lists so we won’t forget. Posting it on a very visible spot like the bathroom mirror or refrigerator will remind us of it—daily. Mental notes do not work especially if your memory retention is as bad as mine, or you have selective amnesia.

As for the new year’s resolution, you must have listed a couple of entries countless times—hit the gym and turn it into a lifestyle, go on a diet and lose weight, quit smoking, work harder, and the list goes on and on like a kid’s wish list for the holidays. Which from your list have you turned into a reality? Maybe you’ve jumpstarted habit but somehow got off the track for some reason (which are always the same)—you got sick, too busy with work, too tired, had to travel, peer pressure, and will get back to it the tomorrow, which is probably next year.

Although nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind to it, the question is do you want the change to happen? Moving on is really up to you. You and only you can say to yourself that you are ready. Now I am sounding like Dr. Phil or whoever shrink/psychologist/tv host/manghuhula you’re familiar with.

Do I have a list? Yes, and I have a vision board. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up each day. Whatever is posted on it, affirmations included, kicks me into action. Success rate? Very good. Try it.

I sat on my worktable for hours and stared at the unopened laptop thinking what to write about and what I do want to achieve for myself this year. I got to think why not focus on one instead of several and be good at it, like an athlete to his sport. Isn’t that more doable?

What I want to do is reconnect with laughter. Yes, laugh. I want to laugh more this year just like what I used to do in the past. Laugh until I double up and roll on the floor, laugh like a hyena, laugh and don’t care how misshapen and obnoxious I look, laugh until tears roll down my cheeks, with a good reason of, course.

I remember how laughter made a killer toothache disappear. None of the painkillers I took worked, and it would be days before I could see a dentist. I was with good company and the laughter was the medicine. This year, I will have the laughter pills on me all the time.

There’s no better way to start this habit than looking at the selfies that didn’t make it to Instagram and Facebook. What you saw posted were “my best” and products of a multitude of shots. A lot have been deleted but some, surprisingly, are still alive. I am sharing them with you so you can have a good laugh as well— and I won’t mind.

So, this is the one important thing I want to do a lot this 2014—laugh until you think I am loony, and I won’t mind that either.

P.S. Did you LUV my selfies? LOL

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 05, 2014.